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Winchester, Clark County, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Carrie Ada  2 Nov 1882Winchester, Clark County, KY I59667 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Azbill, Myrtle Margaret  17 Sep 1886Winchester, Clark County, KY I79880 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Baker, Bertha Marie  29 Apr 1929Winchester, Clark County, KY I66053 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Baker, Charles Edward  10 Mar 1926Winchester, Clark County, KY I66052 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Baker, James Douglas  19 Jul 1933Winchester, Clark County, KY I66066 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Baker, James Lee  28 Feb 1907Winchester, Clark County, KY I66047 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Baker, Orville  26 Apr 1923Winchester, Clark County, KY I66051 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Baker, Roscoe R.  8 Jul 1915Winchester, Clark County, KY I66049 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Berry, James Thomas Lewis  3 Jun 1846Winchester, Clark County, KY I41626 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Berry, Mary Houston (Elizabeth)  15 Feb 1840Winchester, Clark County, KY I41624 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Berry, Thomas Henry  1782Winchester, Clark County, KY I41585 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Berryman, Oliver  17 Oct 1882Winchester, Clark County, KY I84060 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Bloomfield, Marie  24 Mar 1897Winchester, Clark County, KY I81172 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Bradley, Charles William  27 Feb 1926Winchester, Clark County, KY I65963 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Bradley, Helen S.  19 Nov 1921Winchester, Clark County, KY I65992 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Bradley, Jesse Clay  30 Mar 1909Winchester, Clark County, KY I59613 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Bradley, Oscar Lee  6 Jan 1920Winchester, Clark County, KY I65961 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Brookshire, Kate  26 Jul 1883Winchester, Clark County, KY I59769 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Comer, Lucy D.  7 Aug 1924Winchester, Clark County, KY I60206 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Couchman, Amanda Elizabeth  4 Jun 1881Winchester, Clark County, KY I59063 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Couchman, Charles Jefferson Sr.  26 Apr 1877Winchester, Clark County, KY I59061 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Couchman, Frances Marion  24 Aug 1903Winchester, Clark County, KY I59299 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Couchman, George F.  2 Dec 1832Winchester, Clark County, KY I47584 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Couchman, Grover Cleveland  27 Jul 1884Winchester, Clark County, KY I59064 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Couchman, Ida M.  24 Jan 1882Winchester, Clark County, KY I59082 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Couchman, James H.  27 Feb 1838Winchester, Clark County, KY I47587 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Couchman, Lela May  26 Oct 1878Winchester, Clark County, KY I59062 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Couchman, Nathaniel Lee  16 Apr 1875Winchester, Clark County, KY I59060 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Couchman, Sarah Allen  18 May 1891Winchester, Clark County, KY I59065 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Couchman, Sarah\Sadie\Sue Catherine  15 Apr 1877Winchester, Clark County, KY I59169 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Couchman, William Allen  9 Aug 1830Winchester, Clark County, KY I47583 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Crim, William Bruce  6 Mar 1855Winchester, Clark County, KY I28559 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Dixon, Connie B.  5 May 1909Winchester, Clark County, KY I60032 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Ecton, Cleo Belle  4 Jan 1907Winchester, Clark County, KY I65979 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Ecton, Mary Rena  1906Winchester, Clark County, KY I65978 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Ecton, Virginia Lee  7 Feb 1915Winchester, Clark County, KY I65981 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
37 Epperson, Glenna Jean  24 Feb 1930Winchester, Clark County, KY I84054 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
38 Epperson, John William  3 Jun 1869Winchester, Clark County, KY I60144 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
39 Epperson, Mayme Ruth  13 Dec 1898Winchester, Clark County, KY I60167 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
40 Epperson, Nannie Lee  6 Oct 1921Winchester, Clark County, KY I84052 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
41 Epperson, Owen Eugene  31 Aug 1925Winchester, Clark County, KY I60103 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
42 Epperson, Sudie Mae  5 Jan 1927Winchester, Clark County, KY I60195 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
43 Epperson, William Crosswell  3 May 1923Winchester, Clark County, KY I84053 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
44 Fraysur, Edward Jr.  12 Feb 1924Winchester, Clark County, KY I60237 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
45 Fraysur, Edward Sr.  13 Jan 1901Winchester, Clark County, KY I60234 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
46 Gnadinger, Amelia Hampton  6 Dec 1879Winchester, Clark County, KY I74323 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
47 Gragg, Orban Shirley  24 Nov 1928Winchester, Clark County, KY I84045 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
48 Gray, Eddie Lee  28 Aug 1910Winchester, Clark County, KY I84059 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
49 Gray, James Holly  14 Oct 1908Winchester, Clark County, KY I84040 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
50 Haggard, Dallas  5 Nov 1884Winchester, Clark County, KY I59783 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Nancy Mary "Betsy"  1891Winchester, Clark County, KY I59425 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Angell, Eleanor "Nellie"  26 Oct 1834Winchester, Clark County, KY I1322 Wheeler2023Sept 
3 Baker, Mabel Elizabeth  3 Mar 1997Winchester, Clark County, KY I66048 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Baker, Roscoe R.  24 Aug 1992Winchester, Clark County, KY I66049 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Barrett, Vercie  18 May 2008Winchester, Clark County, KY I59719 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Berry, Malona J.  6 Nov 1937Winchester, Clark County, KY I41636 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Bradley, Charles William  23 Dec 1987Winchester, Clark County, KY I65963 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Bradley, Curtis  10 Apr 1946Winchester, Clark County, KY I65842 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Bradley, Helen S.  8 Jun 1994Winchester, Clark County, KY I65992 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Bradley, Jesse Clay  30 Mar 1909Winchester, Clark County, KY I59613 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Bradley, Laura Belle  12 May 1986Winchester, Clark County, KY I65845 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Bradley, Mary Elizabeth  17 Jan 1939Winchester, Clark County, KY I65954 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Brandenburg, Flora Nell  20 May 1998Winchester, Clark County, KY I60528 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Burris, Thomas  4 Oct 1836Winchester, Clark County, KY I47959 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Conner, Lina Mae  23 Dec 1978Winchester, Clark County, KY I84248 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Couchman, Amanda Elizabeth  5 Jul 1881Winchester, Clark County, KY I59063 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Couchman, Sara Ann "Annie"  4 May 1972Winchester, Clark County, KY I59084 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Dixon, Lula Mae  15 May 1967Winchester, Clark County, KY I59740 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Duvaul, Lucinda  6 Apr 1848Winchester, Clark County, KY I93354 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 England, Mattie Zella  2 Jul 1998Winchester, Clark County, KY I60049 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Epperson, Charles Edward  1 May 2005Winchester, Clark County, KY I60197 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Epperson, Julia Berta  14 Mar 2015Winchester, Clark County, KY I60194 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Epperson, Mayme Ruth  14 Sep 1989Winchester, Clark County, KY I60167 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Epperson, Owen Eugene  25 Aug 1990Winchester, Clark County, KY I60103 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Epperson, Sudie Mae  26 Sep 1978Winchester, Clark County, KY I60195 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Estes, Pearl  24 Sep 1984Winchester, Clark County, KY I84331 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Evans, Imogene E.  7 May 2000Winchester, Clark County, KY I60184 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Florence, William E.  16 May 2011Winchester, Clark County, KY I60149 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Fraysur, Edward Sr.  5 Feb 1982Winchester, Clark County, KY I60234 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Gore, Lucretia Frances "Lulu"  9 Oct 1970Winchester, Clark County, KY I60508 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Gragg, Vernon Dewey  25 Oct 1965Winchester, Clark County, KY I84043 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Gravett, Effie F.  23 Nov 1967Winchester, Clark County, KY I59682 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Haggard, Dallas  17 Aug 1896Winchester, Clark County, KY I59783 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Haggard, Ella Lee  22 Sep 1975Winchester, Clark County, KY I59781 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Haggard, John J.  2 Jan 1894Winchester, Clark County, KY I59643 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Haggard, Kenneth Jesse  21 May 2014Winchester, Clark County, KY I59692 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
37 Haggard, Lucille French  12 Apr 2007Winchester, Clark County, KY I59694 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
38 Haggard, Melvin  2 Oct 2011Winchester, Clark County, KY I84138 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
39 Haggard, Nannie Lou  10 Sep 1955Winchester, Clark County, KY I59627 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
40 Haggard, Sarah\Sally Elizabeth  1 Jul 1945Winchester, Clark County, KY I59648 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
41 Haggard, Travis  17 Aug 1896Winchester, Clark County, KY I59784 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
42 Hampton, Cecil James Sr.  30 Nov 2008Winchester, Clark County, KY I84131 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
43 Hampton, Ethel Mae  23 Mar 2009Winchester, Clark County, KY I60021 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
44 Hampton, Inis Janes  8 Aug 2002Winchester, Clark County, KY I60031 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
45 Hampton, Leonard B.  Dec 1993Winchester, Clark County, KY I60027 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
46 Hampton, Mary Emily\Elizabeth  26 Nov 2012Winchester, Clark County, KY I60036 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
47 Hampton, Retha F.  24 Mar 1987Winchester, Clark County, KY I84132 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
48 Hampton, Robert Ragland Jr.  31 Jul 1993Winchester, Clark County, KY I84134 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
49 Hampton, Robert Ragland Sr.  23 Apr 1974Winchester, Clark County, KY I59980 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
50 Hampton, Sallie D.  13 Sep 2018Winchester, Clark County, KY I84133 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Berry / Baber  28 Oct 1830Winchester, Clark County, KY F32924 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Berry / Smith  19 Sep 1805Winchester, Clark County, KY F14605 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Bradley / Horton  25 Aug 1935Winchester, Clark County, KY F20930 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Bradley / Ragland  16 Jun 1908Winchester, Clark County, KY F20925 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Burgher / Ragland  20 Dec 1909Winchester, Clark County, KY F31914 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Burrus / Fisher  1 Sep 1833Winchester, Clark County, KY F11392 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Crim / Duvaul  3 Jan 1826Winchester, Clark County, KY F16014 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Crim / Sharp  13 Sep 1848Winchester, Clark County, KY F09492 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Culver / Burgher  31 Dec 1800Winchester, Clark County, KY F01608 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Ecton / Bradley  31 Jan 1905Winchester, Clark County, KY F23626 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Epperson / Haggard  21 Feb 1900Winchester, Clark County, KY F31919 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Fox / Sams  27 Oct 1941Winchester, Clark County, KY F21166 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Gray / Epperson  14 Oct 1926Winchester, Clark County, KY F31920 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Haggard / Adams  1900Winchester, Clark County, KY F20955 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Haggard / Wills  28 May 1880Winchester, Clark County, KY F21001 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Holder / Mitchell  29 Sep 1915Winchester, Clark County, KY F32041 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Jewell / Smith  5 Jun 1810Winchester, Clark County, KY F14601 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Jones / Sharp  14 Mar 1838Winchester, Clark County, KY F36188 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Long / Snapp  30 Nov 1929Winchester, Clark County, KY F21131 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Mastin / Burris  3 Sep 1846Winchester, Clark County, KY F32205 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 May / Tapp  8 Feb 1922Winchester, Clark County, KY F20942 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 McDonald / Ragland  17 Feb 1897Winchester, Clark County, KY F20918 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Piersall / Haggard  20 Jan 1908Winchester, Clark County, KY F21007 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Potts / Smithers  21 Feb 1903Winchester, Clark County, KY F32067 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Ragland / Raker  20 Dec 1883Winchester, Clark County, KY F20887 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Ragland / Reed  Oct 1838Winchester, Clark County, KY F21259 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Ragland / Rucker  4 Feb 1892Winchester, Clark County, KY F21134 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Ragland / Wade  8 Feb 1899Winchester, Clark County, KY F20921 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Raney / Epperson  2 Oct 1945Winchester, Clark County, KY F21173 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Rupard / Ragland  21 Jun 1849Winchester, Clark County, KY F21185 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Salmon / Mastin  5 Oct 1935Winchester, Clark County, KY F23578 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Sams / Ragland  7 Feb 1918Winchester, Clark County, KY F21165 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Snowden / Estes  24 Sep 1937Winchester, Clark County, KY F32065 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Talbott / Wade  5 Aug 1908Winchester, Clark County, KY F32032 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Thompson / Ragland  20 Dec 1928Winchester, Clark County, KY F21181 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Vance / Smith  20 Mar 1817Winchester, Clark County, KY F14602 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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