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Urbana, Dallas County, MO



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Mamie Caroline  20 May 1895Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08649 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Atteberry, June  1 Jun 1927Urbana, Dallas County, MO I51184 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Bartlett, Harrison Floyd  15 Apr 1889Urbana, Dallas County, MO I51179 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Bartlett, Inez Lucille  25 Sep 1911Urbana, Dallas County, MO I51319 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Bartlett, Raymond Archibald "Archy"  8 Jun 1905Urbana, Dallas County, MO I51188 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Carter, Ray Arnold  11 Jun 1914Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08744 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Dillion, Elveta "Lettie" Edith  11 Sep 1897Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08661 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Dillion, John Louis  10 Apr 1875Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08660 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Dillion, John S.  5 Oct 1883Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07920 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Dillion, Klytia Elverta  12 Sep 1898Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08663 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Dillion, Opal Ione  4 Aug 1908Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07921 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Fugate, Carl Dale  30 Jul 1913Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08108 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Garrison, Hope Evelyn  17 Sep 1934Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07307 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Garrison, Kenneth Emmil  9 Oct 1921Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07304 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Harmon, Claude Eugene  21 Dec 1927Urbana, Dallas County, MO I09542 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Harmon, Urba Frank "Urbie"  18 May 1906Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07745 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Harrell, Helen Rosalie  9 Dec 1922Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07952 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Harrell, Vickie Darlene  4 Aug 1955Urbana, Dallas County, MO I43486 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Hayes, George Howard  10 Jul 1911Urbana, Dallas County, MO I03916 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Hayes, Mary Eleanor  11 Sep 1936Urbana, Dallas County, MO I95769 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Hilburn, Berton Lee "Bertie"  21 Jan 1889Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07901 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Hopkins, Dixie Lou  14 Dec 1936Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08879 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Hopkins, Orville Leonard  2 Sep 1895Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07939 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Hopkins, Snowda June  8 Jun 1933Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08878 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Hurst, Male  9 Jul 1887Urbana, Dallas County, MO I22335 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Hurst, Walter Thomas  13 Oct 1884Urbana, Dallas County, MO I22334 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Hyde, Lucinda "Cinda"  21 Aug 1891Urbana, Dallas County, MO I04158 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Hyde, Oggie May  24 Sep 1882Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08079 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Hyde, Robert Burnie  7 Jul 1897Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08080 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Hyde, Theodosia  10 Jan 1880Urbana, Dallas County, MO I04155 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Hyde, Thomas Huston  29 Jul 1884Urbana, Dallas County, MO I04156 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Hyde, William Birta "Bertie"  10 Jun 1897Urbana, Dallas County, MO I04159 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Mackey, Paul Ulyssis Jr.  6 May 1931Urbana, Dallas County, MO I09144 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Maddux, Hannah Elizabeth "Betty"  5 Jul 1917Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08255 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Nunn, Angy Rome  12 Aug 1886Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08104 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Nunn, Ellis  14 Aug 1872Urbana, Dallas County, MO I03918 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
37 Nunn, Garrett Albert  31 May 1913Urbana, Dallas County, MO I95886 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
38 Nunn, James Abner  9 May 1877Urbana, Dallas County, MO I03915 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
39 Nunn, Wiley Alvin  27 Jul 1890Urbana, Dallas County, MO I04162 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
40 Owens, Russell Minor  31 Jul 1913Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08770 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
41 Thomas, William Hadley  18 Aug 1911Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07983 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
42 William, Laymon  9 Aug 1900Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08651 SmighHarrell2024Feb 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Mamie Caroline  25 Oct 1962Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08649 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Atteberry, June  1 Jun 1927Urbana, Dallas County, MO I51184 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Bartlett, Cynthia J.  24 May 1888Urbana, Dallas County, MO I02525 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Bartlett, Edith E.  3 May 2003Urbana, Dallas County, MO I51314 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Bartlett, Melvina E.  1 Oct 1887Urbana, Dallas County, MO I03827 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Bower, Emma Glayds  13 Sep 1979Urbana, Dallas County, MO I51313 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Dillion, Elveta "Lettie" Edith  11 Sep 1897Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08661 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Fugate, Carl Dale  16 Jun 1973Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08108 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Garrison, Hope Evelyn  14 Jan 1969Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07307 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Garrison, Kenneth Emmil  8 Dec 2005Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07304 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Garrison, Noble Eldon  28 May 1969Urbana, Dallas County, MO I07305 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Harrell, Virgil Dewey  17 Apr 1947Urbana, Dallas County, MO I04104 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Hayes, George Howard  19 Dec 1976Urbana, Dallas County, MO I03916 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Hughes, Susan Angeline  11 Dec 1933Urbana, Dallas County, MO I04098 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Hurst, Elizabeth R. "Sallie"  1878Urbana, Dallas County, MO I02431 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Hurst, Simpson  1860Urbana, Dallas County, MO I02566 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Hyde, James Henry  19 Mar 1930Urbana, Dallas County, MO I02617 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Hyde, Oggie May  7 Nov 1882Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08079 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Hyde, Robert Burnie  10 Jul 1897Urbana, Dallas County, MO I08080 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Hyde, Thomas Huston  4 Oct 1930Urbana, Dallas County, MO I04156 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Jones, Nathaniel D.  21 Mar 1897Urbana, Dallas County, MO I02509 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Klein, Henry Rupert  12 Dec 1984Urbana, Dallas County, MO I51315 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Nunn, Garrett Albert  1910Urbana, Dallas County, MO I02579 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Nunn, Garrett Albert  8 Jul 1913Urbana, Dallas County, MO I95886 SmighHarrell2024Feb 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dillion / Phariss  19 Apr 1896Urbana, Dallas County, MO F03331 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Fugate / Hyde  29 Sep 1912Urbana, Dallas County, MO F01849 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Garrison / Hollandsworth  18 May 1916Urbana, Dallas County, MO F01822 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Hardison / Nunn  21 Jul 1907Urbana, Dallas County, MO F37508 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Hyde / Nunn  7 Nov 1878Urbana, Dallas County, MO F01115 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Maddux / Hyde  27 Sep 1916Urbana, Dallas County, MO F01851 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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