Smith and Bonner Family History

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Shelby County, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Yager, Susan Frances Hersman (Widow)  2 Sep 1827Shelby County, KY I03074 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
2 Wilson, Jacob Lightner "Jake"  27 Jul 1928Shelby County, KY I84148 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
3 White, William S. Marmaduke  24 Jun 1825Shelby County, KY I86003 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
4 Whitaker, Seth  1781Shelby County, KY I36062 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
5 Whitaker, Benoni  7 Nov 1793Shelby County, KY I36806 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
6 Watts, Sarah  4 Feb 1796Shelby County, KY I14324 BonnerWheelerSep2023 
7 Watts, Rhoda Bennett  28 Dec 1800Shelby County, KY I14327 BonnerWheelerSep2023 
8 Watts, Rachael  12 Dec 1796Shelby County, KY I14325 BonnerWheelerSep2023 
9 Watts, David  8 Dec 1802Shelby County, KY I14328 BonnerWheelerSep2023 
10 Truman, Calvin Sylvanus  1857Shelby County, KY I29137 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
11 Stapleton, James Samuel "Sam"  5 Jul 1831Shelby County, KY I26445 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
12 Stapleton, Annie  8 Mar 1872Shelby County, KY I29146 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
13 Stapleton, Amanda Eleanor  8 Apr 1861Shelby County, KY I29141 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
14 Sharp, Emery G.  11 Mar 1919Shelby County, KY I65946 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
15 Scobee, John Morgan  8 Nov 1862Shelby County, KY I96093 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
16 Ruble, Lydia Elliott  13 Jan 1803Shelby County, KY I35659 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
17 Ruble, Jacob  11 Nov 1805Shelby County, KY I38889 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
18 Ruble, Hannah Melton  8 Jan 1808Shelby County, KY I35660 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
19 Ruble, Elizabeth  15 Mar 1796Shelby County, KY I35460 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
20 Ruble, David E.  1 Feb 1800Shelby County, KY I35658 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
21 Ragland, William Harrison  Jul 1830Shelby County, KY I47589 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
22 Ragland, Charles Wesley  1835Shelby County, KY I47592 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
23 Ragland, Caroline  1839Shelby County, KY I47593 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
24 Ragland, Arabelle  1843Shelby County, KY I47595 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
25 Peyton, Elizabeth  1795Shelby County, KY I36063 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
26 Newton, Myrtle Grace  1 Sep 1878Shelby County, KY I29256 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
27 Newton, James Emmette  30 Jan 1884Shelby County, KY I29571 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
28 Newton, Isaac Shelby  16 Aug 1855Shelby County, KY I29255 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
29 Nash, William Harmon  4 Mar 1888Shelby County, KY I59405 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
30 McDowell, Mildred L.  27 Jul 1823Shelby County, KY I27852 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
31 Martin, Charles Neal  24 Jan 1815Shelby County, KY I86392 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
32 Jamison, Mitchell J.  27 Dec 1951Shelby County, KY I60838 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
33 Jamison, David Michael  22 Nov 1946Shelby County, KY I60837 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
34 Hall, Edward Payne  Sep 1866Shelby County, KY I73700 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
35 Fenley, William D.  16 Mar 1830Shelby County, KY I27001 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
36 Fenley, Susannah M.  14 Jul 1824Shelby County, KY I26999 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
37 Fenley, Laurana Martha  17 Jun 1827Shelby County, KY I27000 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
38 Fenley, Elizabeth  17 May 1822Shelby County, KY I26997 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
39 Fenley, Anne Jennett  22 Aug 1833Shelby County, KY I27002 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
40 Epperson, William Tolbert  7 Jul 1929Shelby County, KY I60196 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
41 Epperson, Julia Berta  15 Jun 1925Shelby County, KY I60194 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
42 DeMoss, Susie Mary "Mollie"  11 Oct 1855Shelby County, KY I83902 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
43 Dale, James Minor  14 Jul 1873Shelby County, KY I29257 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
44 Cowherd, Edythe Frances  3 Apr 1885Shelby County, KY I29572 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
45 Carpenter, Pearl Bright  4 Feb 1868Shelby County, KY I83931 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
46 Blankenbaker, Roland  1859Shelby County, KY I83900 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
47 Blankenbaker, Nathaniel Ragland  11 Aug 1867Shelby County, KY I83906 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
48 Blankenbaker, Lucille M.  30 Mar 1880Shelby County, KY I83903 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
49 Blankenbaker, Lou Ella  3 Jul 1861Shelby County, KY I83896 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
50 Blankenbaker, Julien  24 Sep 1855Shelby County, KY I83899 SmithHarrell2023Sep 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wooldridge, Webster Crittenden "Web"  26 Jul 1933Shelby County, KY I80989 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
2 Watts, Sarah  6 Feb 1796Shelby County, KY I14324 BonnerWheelerSep2023 
3 Stapleton, James Samuel "Sam"  3 Nov 1923Shelby County, KY I26445 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
4 Stapleton, Amanda Eleanor  12 Apr 1932Shelby County, KY I29141 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
5 Shouse, Jeptha  4 Oct 1875Shelby County, KY I59377 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
6 Ragland, Nancy T.  20 Aug 1926Shelby County, KY I47590 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
7 Newton, Isaac Shelby  27 Oct 1940Shelby County, KY I29255 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
8 Nash, William Harmon  14 Sep 1953Shelby County, KY I59405 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
9 McKee, Elizabeth  17 Nov 1922Shelby County, KY I29138 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
10 King, Mountjoy  30 Sep 1832Shelby County, KY I36716 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
11 Jamison, June Richard  6 Aug 1999Shelby County, KY I60803 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
12 Gatliff, Benjamin Duane Sr.  15 Sep 1959Shelby County, KY I60590 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
13 Crim, John Hurst  3 Mar 1891Shelby County, KY I29607 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
14 Cotton, Mary "Polly"  18 Feb 1880Shelby County, KY I36715 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
15 Blankenbaker, Julien  17 Mar 1924Shelby County, KY I83899 SmithHarrell2023Sep 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Yager / Yager  22 Feb 1844Shelby County, KY F14264 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
2 Stapleton / McKee  28 Sep 1854Shelby County, KY F09671 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
3 Smith / Bryant  22 Jan 1829Shelby County, KY F13899 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
4 Ruble / Leatherman  10 Jun 1797Shelby County, KY F11813 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
5 Moore / Harrell  30 Aug 1874Shelby County, KY F33058 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
6 Harrell / Ruble  9 Nov 1813Shelby County, KY F11923 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
7 Harrell / Mahurin  24 Sep 1806Shelby County, KY F11829 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
8 Crume / Cyphers  4 May 1795Shelby County, KY F11952 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
9 Chambers / Ragland  9 Sep 1848Shelby County, KY F20817 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
10 Borders / Jaynes  24 Aug 1929Shelby County, KY F33154 SmithHarrell2023Sep 
11 Berry / Simpson  5 Nov 1828Shelby County, KY F15974 SmithHarrell2023Sep 

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