Smith and Bonner Family History

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Memphis, Shelby County, TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cox, Royce Comyn  22 Aug 1921Memphis, Shelby County, TN I77587 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
2 Dobbs, James Kirby Jr.  10 Oct 1918Memphis, Shelby County, TN I14457 BonnerWatts 
3 Dwyer, Evelyn Frances  17 Apr 1907Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76983 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
4 Dwyer, Lillian Margaret  14 Jun 1909Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76984 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
5 Dwyer, Margaret Lillian  2 Feb 1939Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76990 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
6 Dwyer, Mary Elizabeth "Maria"  13 Nov 1904Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76982 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
7 Dwyer, Robert Emmett  28 Jan 1876Memphis, Shelby County, TN I54142 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
8 Dwyer, Robert Emmett Jr.  28 Jun 1912Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76985 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
9 Hader, Helen C.  26 Aug 1932Memphis, Shelby County, TN I07616 BonnerWatts 
10 Heafer, Edna Earl  20 Nov 1878Memphis, Shelby County, TN I70364 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
11 Henry, Evelyn  Memphis, Shelby County, TN I35315 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
12 Judge, Thomas Joseph  7 Dec 1890Memphis, Shelby County, TN I35225 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
13 Micci, Herman Joseph Sr.  9 Aug 1918Memphis, Shelby County, TN I71403 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
14 Neely, Marvin Virgil  6 Oct 1946Memphis, Shelby County, TN I08892 BonnerWatts 
15 Patterson, Mack  28 Aug 1911Memphis, Shelby County, TN I13634 BonnerWatts 
16 Rumery, Helen Juanita  20 Nov 1921Memphis, Shelby County, TN I71395 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
17 Rumery, Leonard J. Jr.  16 Aug 1923Memphis, Shelby County, TN I71397 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
18 Rumery, Leonard James  9 Aug 1898Memphis, Shelby County, TN I71394 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
19 Shepherd, Cybill Lynn  18 Feb 1950Memphis, Shelby County, TN I71405 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
20 Shepherd, Gladys Terry  16 Feb 1946Memphis, Shelby County, TN I71407 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
21 Stiles, Helen Lorene  14 Jan 1929Memphis, Shelby County, TN I14550 BonnerWatts 
22 Terrell, Ramon O'Nell "Ray"  6 Nov 1935Memphis, Shelby County, TN I85683 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
23 Watts, Paul Anderson  29 Apr 1921Memphis, Shelby County, TN I56125 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
24 White, Charles Barnette  23 Jan 1929Memphis, Shelby County, TN I12730 BonnerWatts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, George W.  25 Nov 2008Memphis, Shelby County, TN I06378 BonnerWatts 
2 Anderson, Catherine "Maxine"  7 Oct 1966Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76989 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
3 Ashworth, Armistead Abraham  21 Sep 1959Memphis, Shelby County, TN I20850 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
4 Babb, Claude May  25 Jul 1943Memphis, Shelby County, TN I3962 WheelerSelf 
5 Barrett, Marvin Arthur  3 Mar 1971Memphis, Shelby County, TN I51509 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
6 Benson, Joseph Eddins "Joe"  31 May 1926Memphis, Shelby County, TN I92676 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
7 Benson, Sallie Shivers  Memphis, Shelby County, TN I92675 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
8 Bivens, Julius Otto  20 Apr 1960Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76638 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
9 Blizzard, Ruby Lee  25 May 1998Memphis, Shelby County, TN I12116 BonnerWatts 
10 Bonner, Arnold Hay  20 Sep 2011Memphis, Shelby County, TN I05899 BonnerWatts 
11 Bowyer, Horace Louis  12 Jun 1863Memphis, Shelby County, TN I39146 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
12 Britt, Clarence Fielding  19 Mar 1952Memphis, Shelby County, TN I58274 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
13 Bruce, Nancy G.  1854Memphis, Shelby County, TN I34876 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
14 Buster, Walter Leake  1840Memphis, Shelby County, TN I34875 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
15 Campbell, James Kay  8 Oct 1961Memphis, Shelby County, TN I55221 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
16 Castleberry, Mary Elizabeth  4 Sep 1992Memphis, Shelby County, TN I09337 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
17 Chamberlain, Frances May "Fannie"  11 Dec 1918Memphis, Shelby County, TN I54117 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
18 Cheshier, Lena Marie  10 Jul 1976Memphis, Shelby County, TN I08780 BonnerWatts 
19 Cheshier, Paul Reno  5 Jun 2000Memphis, Shelby County, TN I08790 BonnerWatts 
20 Clegg, Nora Una  19 Dec 1993Memphis, Shelby County, TN I11716 BonnerWatts 
21 Conaway, George Asque  28 Sep 1977Memphis, Shelby County, TN I04560 BonnerWatts 
22 Conaway, George H.  28 Sep 1977Memphis, Shelby County, TN I12101 BonnerWatts 
23 Conaway, Jacob Luther "Jake"  Jul 1963Memphis, Shelby County, TN I04559 BonnerWatts 
24 Conaway, William Henry "Tom"  13 Mar 1943Memphis, Shelby County, TN I03575 BonnerWatts 
25 Conaway, William Robert  3 Mar 1938Memphis, Shelby County, TN I04541 BonnerWatts 
26 Dobbs, James Kirby Jr.  25 Aug 2002Memphis, Shelby County, TN I14457 BonnerWatts 
27 Dwyer, Lillian Margaret  2 Sep 1982Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76984 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
28 Dwyer, Mary Elizabeth "Maria"  15 Jun 1988Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76982 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
29 Dwyer, Robert Emmett  25 Sep 1912Memphis, Shelby County, TN I54142 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
30 Dwyer, Robert Emmett Jr.  26 Nov 1973Memphis, Shelby County, TN I76985 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
31 Eddins, Martha Pearl "Mattie"  26 Aug 1967Memphis, Shelby County, TN I93477 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
32 Elks, Nancy  AFT. 1860Memphis, Shelby County, TN I05177 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
33 Ellard, Virginia Winona  29 Jan 1990Memphis, Shelby County, TN I04298 BonnerWatts 
34 Evangeline, Rosalie  6 Nov 1979Memphis, Shelby County, TN I14406 BonnerWatts 
35 Freeman, William Alfred Rev.  1 Jan 1939Memphis, Shelby County, TN I08563 BonnerWatts 
36 Gibson, Gladys V.  5 Oct 1961Memphis, Shelby County, TN I79004 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
37 Gibson, John  3 Nov 1942Memphis, Shelby County, TN I75170 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
38 Gibson, John W.\William  4 Dec 1997Memphis, Shelby County, TN I79005 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
39 Gorham, Reginald B.  Nov 1974Memphis, Shelby County, TN I69433 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
40 Grantham, James Edwin Sr.  19 Aug 1981Memphis, Shelby County, TN I71396 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
41 Hall, James  8 Jul 1990Memphis, Shelby County, TN I79006 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
42 Harrell, Alford A. "Alfie"  17 Jul 1935Memphis, Shelby County, TN I37297 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
43 Haynie, Jackie Wilfred  11 Apr 2010Memphis, Shelby County, TN I10734 BonnerWatts 
44 Hicks, Hazel Sharon  26 Oct 2011Memphis, Shelby County, TN I06518 BonnerWatts 
45 Jackson, Lucy Elizabeth  4 Sep 1958Memphis, Shelby County, TN I70279 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
46 Jennings, Bernice Lafayette  5 Jun 1965Memphis, Shelby County, TN I89388 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
47 Jennings, Edgar David  19 Dec 1962Memphis, Shelby County, TN I89626 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
48 Jennings, Royce Vinson  21 Dec 1978Memphis, Shelby County, TN I89389 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
49 Johnson, Ervin  Apr 1985Memphis, Shelby County, TN I16384 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
50 Jones, John Edward  6 Nov 1921Memphis, Shelby County, TN I53256 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ashworth / Rice  Memphis, Shelby County, TN F06930 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
2 Judge / Harrell  31 Aug 1917Memphis, Shelby County, TN F11663 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
3 Micci / Shobe  25 Nov 1978Memphis, Shelby County, TN F26117 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
4 Peterson / Chappell  14 Apr 1941Memphis, Shelby County, TN F35953 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
5 Shivers / Redditt  1844Memphis, Shelby County, TN F02382 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
6 Sloan / Moore  8 Sep 1933Memphis, Shelby County, TN F4295 BonnerWatts 

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