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Indianapolis, Marion County, IN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Adelbert  29 Sep 1906Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I74105 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Adkins, Dollie Emma  26 Oct 1922Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I76441 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Baker, Frank Samuel "Sam"  16 Jan 1944Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I78543 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Barnes, Phyllis June  7 Jun 1925Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I62884 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Berryman, Grace Mae  20 Feb 1903Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I84062 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Biegler, Kathleen  24 Nov 1907Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I67697 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Black, Gerald Winfred  9 Aug 1924Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I86059 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Black, William Bruce  25 Feb 1923Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I86058 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Boicourt, Asa Muriel "Ace"  25 Jan 1921Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I40741 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Borders, Ruby Ann (Twin)  18 Jun 1929Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I86656 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Branham, Murl  25 Jun 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I68290 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Brannon, Betty Doris  26 Jan 1927Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72500 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Brannon, Patricia Ann  20 Jul 1938Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72505 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Brewer, James D.  4 Jul 1946Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I95338 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Brown, Ada Mae  25 Apr 1922Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72504 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Brown, Jannet  24 Jun 1929Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I61609 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Calfee, Rebecca Jane  11 May 1927Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I15152 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Carter, Theodore Malcolm  23 Jul 1913Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I48902 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Chadwell, Chestine Grace  1 Jan 1924Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I82326 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Chadwick, Evelyn Lola  8 Mar 1920Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I61634 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Chadwick, Gale Irvin  13 Jul 1932Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I61608 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Chadwick, Glenn Earl  15 May 1928Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I61604 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Chadwick, Golda Marie  10 Dec 1914Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I61607 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Chadwick, Homer Kenneth  17 Oct 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I61602 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Chaudoin, Lloyd Earl  8 May 1904Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I58432 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Clark, Herman Clifford  5 Aug 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I61572 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Coble, Leota Emma  25 Jan 1875Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I87097 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Coffey, Harry Jacob  15 Sep 1927Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I49045 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Coffey, Ralph Elmer  15 Jan 1916Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I62902 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Creamer, Fred  20 May 1923Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I53518 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Cushman, David Wayne  15 Nov 1939Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I48760 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Cushman, Linda Ann  19 Aug 1936Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I48759 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Daily, Shirley A.  15 Mar 1931Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I58629 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Dear, Linda Kaye  1947Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I64313 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Dillman, David Eugene  19 Feb 1945Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I73295 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Dirk, Edward J.  19 Sep 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I76548 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
37 Drake, Charles Frederick Jr. "Fred"  13 Feb 1929Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I84443 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
38 Dunn, Jessie Eugenia  20 Oct 1879Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I92064 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
39 Dyer, Annie Gaines  3 Dec 1872Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I2252 Kyle2023Sep 
40 Eakle, Catherine Maxine  4 Nov 1929Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I86621 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
41 Edwards, Guy Thomas  8 Apr 1925Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I62745 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
42 English, Paul Lee  12 Mar 1939Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I77454 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
43 Eppard, Clyde R.  6 Aug 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I79444 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
44 Ervin, Myrtle I.  17 Jan 1879Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I87106 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
45 Everett, Elizabeth A.  29 Sep 1932Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I81272 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
46 Foutch, Betty Jean  15 Jan 1927Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I87826 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
47 Freeman, Zella E.  24 Aug 1886Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I76853 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
48 Goodin, Lucianna Ceil  22 Apr 1951Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72523 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
49 Greenwood, Marcella Pearl  27 Jun 1920Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I77472 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
50 Gwin, Lorraine Amelia  1 Apr 1911Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I76857 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott, Lida Bernice  20 Mar 1962Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I39019 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Adams, Donald D.  27 Sep 1981Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I55441 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Adams, Joseph H.  1936Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I58616 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Adkins, Dollie Emma  21 Nov 2001Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I76441 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Allen, Theresa L.  10 Mar 1914Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I79320 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Anthony, Cecil Ernest  13 Mar 1961Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I54445 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Anthony, Earl Raymond  24 Aug 1956Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I78587 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Anthony, James Sylvester  29 Sep 1987Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I78591 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Anthony, Kathleen Mae  14 Jun 2006Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I78641 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Arbuthnot, Naomi L.  2 Nov 2002Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I77271 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Baker, Carrie Lee  4 Jan 2003Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I32569 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Baker, John William  2 Aug 2001Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I78536 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Barnes, Edward Ernest.  19 Jul 1941Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I53905 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Barnes, Edwin Lemoine  13 Aug 1990Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I62878 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Barnes, Martharee  28 Aug 2007Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I62876 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Barnes, Robert Ward  9 Feb 1968Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I62877 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Barnes, Verdie Savannah  10 Aug 1992Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I62875 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Beckett, Beverly Sue  29 Dec 1995Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I70971 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Bell, Herschell Chester  5 Sep 1971Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I64319 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Bell, India E.  11 Mar 1997Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I64198 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Bell, Rhoda M.  26 Feb 1974Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I64348 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Bell, Violet Hilbert  15 Oct 1995Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I64353 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Bell, William Daniel  14 Nov 1987Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I64029 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Bell, William Thomas  23 Oct 1963Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I64236 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Bishop, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1945Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I36153 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Bishop, Lena  2 May 1955Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I36152 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Bishop, Ruby  5 Feb 1964Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I36155 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Blakey, Arlis  2 Apr 1984Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I83276 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Blakey, Audra Hulda  20 Feb 2004Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I83282 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Blakey, Paul  8 Jun 1995Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I83275 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Blakey, Walter Page  17 Sep 1937Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I83280 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Boger, Delores Evelyn  17 May 2003Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I55370 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Bourdon, Louis Joseph Jr.  30 Sep 1998Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I71415 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Bowlby, Wilson Donald  25 Dec 1994Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I86804 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Bradley, Fred Bernell  2 Nov 1988Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I59610 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Branham, Murl  25 Jun 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I68290 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
37 Brannon, Barbara Jean  15 Dec 1995Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72506 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
38 Brannon, Foster "Lanky"  20 Jan 1965Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72493 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
39 Brannon, Foster Meredith  4 Feb 1997Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72496 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
40 Brannon, John Meredith  27 Dec 1961Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72494 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
41 Brannon, Sarah Beachamp  20 Sep 1982Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72498 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
42 Brewer, James D.  9 May 2014Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I95338 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
43 Brison, Nancy Ann "Anna"  18 Feb 1904Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I36252 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
44 Britt, Lucella Amanda "Sally"  4 Oct 1966Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I58280 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
45 Brooks, Mary Jane  14 Feb 1952Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I61582 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
46 Brown, Esta Lee  15 Feb 1964Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I36348 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
47 Brown, Myrtle Emma  19 Apr 1971Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I72502 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
48 Brownfield, Virginia Lee  14 Aug 1990Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I69340 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
49 Bruce, Rolfe Verne  Sep 1975Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I62116 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
50 Buckner, Wilbur Allen Dr.  6 Jan 1992Indianapolis, Marion County, IN I40994 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bailey / Moore  8 Mar 1948Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F26151 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Brooks / Anthony  15 Jun 1985Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F29417 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Diller / Brison  8 Mar 1893Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F27869 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Dillman / Hardin  19 Mar 1988Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F26955 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Duerstock / Tyner  15 Sep 1925Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F18992 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Eby / Johnson  4 Jan 1992Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F21566 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Garrison / Dyer  1 Oct 1900Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F0833 Kyle2023Sep 
8 Hardin / Pope  26 Oct 1962Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F27307 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Harrell / Hupp  1866Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F11998 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Hurst / Wagner  1 Jun 1951Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F17030 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Miles / Phillips  17 Sep 1990Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F26640 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Mize / Scott  24 Oct 1986Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F33140 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Pendygraft / Chadwick  16 Sep 1911Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F21743 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Ragland / Stiedel  29 Dec 1924Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F32010 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Russell / Hunt  2 Mar 1962Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F25530 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Shobe / Marshall  14 Oct 1880Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F26110 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Stroud / Cooper  1 Dec 1951Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F16600 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Ward / Harrell  12 Oct 1910Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F12018 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Wiegand / Lobdell  7 May 1932Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F33598 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Woodsmall / Hurst  2 Dec 1939Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F05727 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Wyatt / Heritage  27 Sep 1994Indianapolis, Marion County, IN F20344 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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