Smith and Bonner Family History

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Houston, Harris County, TX



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Ned Bryan  1881Houston, Harris County, TX I03858 BonnerWatts 
2 Ashworth, Estelle Lydia  3 Sep 1914Houston, Harris County, TX I03451 BonnerWatts 
3 Burdick, Albert Eugene  28 Jun 1914Houston, Harris County, TX I06825 BonnerWatts 
4 Camp, Robert Earl  4 Jan 1926Houston, Harris County, TX I10902 BonnerWatts 
5 Falk, Arnold Charles  21 Apr 1918Houston, Harris County, TX I12880 BonnerWatts 
6 Jones, Jacque  1923Houston, Harris County, TX I09052 BonnerWatts 
7 Luke, Thomas Edward Jr.  29 Aug 1948Houston, Harris County, TX I07630 BonnerWatts 
8 Smith, Ethel Rosalind  5 Jul 1893Houston, Harris County, TX I08981 BonnerWatts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Mildred Allene  11 Sep 1947Houston, Harris County, TX I06706 BonnerWatts 
2 Adams, Ned Bryan  18 Jun 1914Houston, Harris County, TX I03858 BonnerWatts 
3 Adams, Olive Edna\Endora  12 Mar 1971Houston, Harris County, TX I06704 BonnerWatts 
4 Barber, Tobie Nathaniel  16 Jun 1993Houston, Harris County, TX I08214 BonnerWatts 
5 Bivin, Daphine  15 Mar 2005Houston, Harris County, TX I00957 BonnerWatts 
6 Bivin, Lawrence Dekalb  27 Sep 1943Houston, Harris County, TX I02650 BonnerWatts 
7 Bonner, Marcia  28 Aug 1953Houston, Harris County, TX I00791 BonnerWatts 
8 Bowman, Laura  21 Apr 1969Houston, Harris County, TX I11491 BonnerWatts 
9 Breeden, Calvin  2 Oct 1966Houston, Harris County, TX I09872 BonnerWatts 
10 Burdick, Albert Eugene  27 Dec 1994Houston, Harris County, TX I06825 BonnerWatts 
11 Cammack, James Rodney  20 Aug 2005Houston, Harris County, TX I06958 BonnerWatts 
12 Cammack, William Rex  17 Mar 2010Houston, Harris County, TX I06963 BonnerWatts 
13 Camp, Robert Earl  21 Nov 2008Houston, Harris County, TX I10902 BonnerWatts 
14 Carter, James King  25 Nov 1944Houston, Harris County, TX I03787 BonnerWatts 
15 Chandler, James Allan  10 May 2001Houston, Harris County, TX I10983 BonnerWatts 
16 Conaway, Clara Mae  25 May 2008Houston, Harris County, TX I06586 BonnerWatts 
17 DeFee, Emma S.  10 Apr 1978Houston, Harris County, TX I07331 BonnerWatts 
18 Duckworth, Joshua Younger Welborn "Jap"  7 Sep 1942Houston, Harris County, TX I07456 BonnerWatts 
19 Duke, Bennie Carlton "B.C." Rev.  21 Mar 2003Houston, Harris County, TX I06992 BonnerWatts 
20 Ellis, Aubrey Theron Jr.  31 Jul 1992Houston, Harris County, TX I10414 BonnerWatts 
21 Espey, Mabel Claire  11 Aug 2004Houston, Harris County, TX I11613 BonnerWatts 
22 Etheridge, Silmon Ward "Tex"  22 Jul 2002Houston, Harris County, TX I03375 BonnerWatts 
23 Freeman, Clarence Everett  26 Mar 1995Houston, Harris County, TX I08598 BonnerWatts 
24 Garrison, Winfield Ernest  6 Feb 1969Houston, Harris County, TX I0606 Kyle 
25 Grafton, Sarah Glynn  10 Jan 2009Houston, Harris County, TX I04480 BonnerWatts 
26 Hilton, Peggy Joyce  4 Oct 1993Houston, Harris County, TX I03374 BonnerWatts 
27 Hogan, Virgil William  10 Jul 1970Houston, Harris County, TX I09104 BonnerWatts 
28 Hunt, Hubert Judson  19 Oct 1975Houston, Harris County, TX I09149 BonnerWatts 
29 Kilpatrick, Mattie Maye  12 Jul 2003Houston, Harris County, TX I10881 BonnerWatts 
30 Laird, Lou "Ella"  25 Mar 1987Houston, Harris County, TX I05185 BonnerWatts 
31 Lee, Alma  23 Feb 2000Houston, Harris County, TX I11430 BonnerWatts 
32 Luman, James Vernon\Perry  10 Oct 1982Houston, Harris County, TX I06932 BonnerWatts 
33 McCoy, Marley Wilson Sr.  29 Sep 1979Houston, Harris County, TX I01709 BonnerWatts 
34 McGee, Carmel Inez  8 May 1977Houston, Harris County, TX I06905 BonnerWatts 
35 Paul, Andrew Tildon  27 Aug 1980Houston, Harris County, TX I04106 BonnerWatts 
36 Pennington, Verletta Marie  18 Mar 1950Houston, Harris County, TX I09110 BonnerWatts 
37 Pike, John Preston  7 Oct 1957Houston, Harris County, TX I05160 BonnerWatts 
38 Pike, John Preston Jr.  10 Mar 1997Houston, Harris County, TX I06235 BonnerWatts 
39 Redden, Dochia  23 Aug 1970Houston, Harris County, TX I06820 BonnerWatts 
40 Reue, Raymond Henry  9 Feb 2005Houston, Harris County, TX I10119 BonnerWatts 
41 Rogers, Emory Lloyd  11 Oct 1973Houston, Harris County, TX I08220 BonnerWatts 
42 Shann, Charlotte Luette  30 Mar 2002Houston, Harris County, TX I09443 BonnerWatts 
43 Singley, Charlie Mack  28 Apr 1974Houston, Harris County, TX I05347 BonnerWatts 
44 Smith, Truman C.  8 Sep 1977Houston, Harris County, TX I09783 BonnerWatts 
45 Smith, Virginia A.  10 Dec 1956Houston, Harris County, TX I08965 BonnerWatts 
46 Spivey, John H.  5 Jan 1978Houston, Harris County, TX I05179 BonnerWatts 
47 Spivey, Katie  15 Aug 1970Houston, Harris County, TX I04384 BonnerWatts 
48 Spivey, Sydney Lee  Jul 1967Houston, Harris County, TX I04388 BonnerWatts 
49 Stribling, James Clyde  29 Sep 1967Houston, Harris County, TX I11351 BonnerWatts 
50 Thrash, Eunice Orell  4 Jul 1980Houston, Harris County, TX I05159 BonnerWatts 

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Reynolds  Feb 1918Houston, Harris County, TX F4130 BonnerWatts 
2 Coker / Kilpatrick  24 May 1969Houston, Harris County, TX F3761 BonnerWatts 

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