Smith and Bonner Family History

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Hardin County, TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Deanna Nell  1939Hardin County, TN I06380 BonnerWatts 
2 Allison, George W.  17 Dec 1916Hardin County, TN I06378 BonnerWatts 
3 Austin, Christine  1917Hardin County, TN I06375 BonnerWatts 
4 Austin, Harold  1907Hardin County, TN I06347 BonnerWatts 
5 Austin, Warren G.  27 Jan 1921Hardin County, TN I06377 BonnerWatts 
6 Boroughs, Sarah Louisa Isabelle  22 Jun 1881Hardin County, TN I12123 BonnerWatts 
7 Byrd, Lettie  22 Aug 1889Hardin County, TN I12108 BonnerWatts 
8 Conaway, Barbera Elizabeth " Pollyanna"  1 Aug 1860Hardin County, TN I03576 BonnerWatts 
9 Conaway, Barney Lee  24 Dec 1918Hardin County, TN I12113 BonnerWatts 
10 Conaway, Bertha  1910Hardin County, TN I12111 BonnerWatts 
11 Conaway, Betty Sue  9 May 1936Hardin County, TN I12093 BonnerWatts 
12 Conaway, Charles Edmon  29 Jul 1889Hardin County, TN I04563 BonnerWatts 
13 Conaway, Collis C.  1 Feb 1911Hardin County, TN I12090 BonnerWatts 
14 Conaway, Flora Mae  27 Oct 1912Hardin County, TN I12112 BonnerWatts 
15 Conaway, Florinda Ellen  1856Hardin County, TN I03574 BonnerWatts 
16 Conaway, Frank George L.  1863Hardin County, TN I03577 BonnerWatts 
17 Conaway, George Asque  28 Apr 1894Hardin County, TN I04560 BonnerWatts 
18 Conaway, George L.  3 May 1892Hardin County, TN I11051 BonnerWatts 
19 Conaway, Ida Rosetta  29 Sep 1897Hardin County, TN I06351 BonnerWatts 
20 Conaway, Jacob Luther "Jake"  12 Mar 1892Hardin County, TN I04559 BonnerWatts 
21 Conaway, James Asbury  10 Mar 1876Hardin County, TN I04568 BonnerWatts 
22 Conaway, James W.  18 Mar 1904Hardin County, TN I12099 BonnerWatts 
23 Conaway, Jesse James "Jess" Jr.  8 Jun 1927Hardin County, TN I11057 BonnerWatts 
24 Conaway, John Amos "Amos"  11 Oct 1907Hardin County, TN I12089 BonnerWatts 
25 Conaway, Martha Jane  15 Mar 1869Hardin County, TN I03578 BonnerWatts 
26 Conaway, Martha Jane  22 Jul 1887Hardin County, TN I14383 BonnerWatts 
27 Conaway, Mary Elizabeth  29 Jun 1881Hardin County, TN I14382 BonnerWatts 
28 Conaway, Ola  1910Hardin County, TN I06406 BonnerWatts 
29 Conaway, Olie Edgar  14 Dec 1909Hardin County, TN I12110 BonnerWatts 
30 Conaway, Ora E.  1908Hardin County, TN I06405 BonnerWatts 
31 Conaway, Richia Lela  Feb 1890Hardin County, TN I11050 BonnerWatts 
32 Conaway, Robert Hugh  29 Aug 1882Hardin County, TN I04561 BonnerWatts 
33 Conaway, Roosevelt H.  28 Oct 1898Hardin County, TN I04558 BonnerWatts 
34 Conaway, Roxy Alice  Oct 1873Hardin County, TN I03581 BonnerWatts 
35 Conaway, Samuel F.  1854Hardin County, TN I03580 BonnerWatts 
36 Conaway, Sarah Estlee  16 Apr 1886Hardin County, TN I04562 BonnerWatts 
37 Conaway, Turner Oscar  18 Feb 1910Hardin County, TN I12070 BonnerWatts 
38 Conaway, William Henry "Tom"  10 Mar 1857Hardin County, TN I03575 BonnerWatts 
39 Davis, William T.  1 Oct 1894Hardin County, TN I12128 BonnerWatts 
40 Foust, Gwendolyn P.  1938Hardin County, TN I06458 BonnerWatts 
41 Foust, Marjorie Pauline  1932Hardin County, TN I06459 BonnerWatts 
42 Godwin, Maude  8 Mar 1898Hardin County, TN I11056 BonnerWatts 
43 H.Seaton, Ellen  1902Hardin County, TN I04573 BonnerWatts 
44 Haynes, Louisa Jane  17 Dec 1855Hardin County, TN I04557 BonnerWatts 
45 Hudson, Charlie  1910Hardin County, TN I06467 BonnerWatts 
46 Hudson, Easter  Dec 1894Hardin County, TN I06462 BonnerWatts 
47 Hudson, Elsie  1905Hardin County, TN I06466 BonnerWatts 
48 Hudson, Florenda  Dec 1891Hardin County, TN I06461 BonnerWatts 
49 Hudson, Leonard Barney  20 Jan 1904Hardin County, TN I06465 BonnerWatts 
50 Hudson, Myrtle  Dec 1899Hardin County, TN I06464 BonnerWatts 

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Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Ben Coss  Jun 1982Hardin County, TN I06362 BonnerWatts 
2 Benson, Myrtle Jane  23 Jan 1959Hardin County, TN I06421 BonnerWatts 
3 Conaway, Barnie  26 Oct 1973Hardin County, TN I12071 BonnerWatts 
4 Conaway, Bertha  ABT. 1920Hardin County, TN I12111 BonnerWatts 
5 Conaway, Dempsey B. "Dock"  1890Hardin County, TN I01354 BonnerWatts 
6 Conaway, Elizabeth Andrew "Vicey"  10 Dec 1949Hardin County, TN I04567 BonnerWatts 
7 Conaway, Elmer Cleo  30 Apr 1969Hardin County, TN I12074 BonnerWatts 
8 Conaway, George L.  14 Feb 1919Hardin County, TN I11051 BonnerWatts 
9 Conaway, Harlie  26 May 1946Hardin County, TN I12072 BonnerWatts 
10 Conaway, James W.  1 Apr 1904Hardin County, TN I12099 BonnerWatts 
11 Conaway, John W.  1935Hardin County, TN I01389 BonnerWatts 
12 Conaway, John Walter  16 Feb 1980Hardin County, TN I12065 BonnerWatts 
13 Conaway, Martha Jane  4 Jul 1888Hardin County, TN I14383 BonnerWatts 
14 Conaway, Mary Elizabeth  10 Mar 1898Hardin County, TN I14382 BonnerWatts 
15 Conaway, Richard T.  1 Mar 1934Hardin County, TN I12068 BonnerWatts 
16 Conaway, Robert Hugh  21 Jan 1906Hardin County, TN I04561 BonnerWatts 
17 Conaway, Roosevelt H.  11 Apr 1917Hardin County, TN I04558 BonnerWatts 
18 Conaway, Sarah Estlee  10 Jan 1949Hardin County, TN I04562 BonnerWatts 
19 Conaway, Turner Anderson  30 Apr 1963Hardin County, TN I12044 BonnerWatts 
20 Conaway, W. H.  25 May 1945Hardin County, TN I12075 BonnerWatts 
21 Evans, Ina Gustelle  21 Feb 1973Hardin County, TN I06440 BonnerWatts 
22 Haynes, Louisa Jane  3 Dec 1929Hardin County, TN I04557 BonnerWatts 
23 Hudson, Charlie H.  6 Dec 1960Hardin County, TN I06344 BonnerWatts 
24 Hurst, Thompson  5 Feb 1862Hardin County, TN I19038 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
25 Julian, Martha Elizabeth "Dollie"  5 Dec 1952Hardin County, TN I11049 BonnerWatts 
26 McDaniel, Clara Elva  13 Feb 1991Hardin County, TN I06363 BonnerWatts 
27 Milligan, Eva V.  29 Jun 1921Hardin County, TN I06441 BonnerWatts 
28 Moffett, Elizabeth A. Betsy "Lizzie"  AFT. 1900Hardin County, TN I03573 BonnerWatts 
29 Pollard, John Wesley  1976Hardin County, TN I06418 BonnerWatts 
30 Pollard, Louizy E.  5 Jan 1967Hardin County, TN I06422 BonnerWatts 
31 Robinson), Rhoda Duncan (Widow  4 Apr 1856Hardin County, TN I19103 SmiithHarrell20223Jan25 
32 Sandusky, Martha Desdamona  14 Aug 1916Hardin County, TN I04633 BonnerWatts 
33 Seaton, Ada Lee  21 Dec 1932Hardin County, TN I04577 BonnerWatts 
34 Seaton, Elvis "Cricket"  12 Jan 2007Hardin County, TN I06367 BonnerWatts 
35 Seaton, Henry E.  26 Mar 1916Hardin County, TN I04575 BonnerWatts 
36 Seaton, Hershel "Glen"  30 Dec 1976Hardin County, TN I04578 BonnerWatts 
37 Seaton, John William  24 Jan 1904Hardin County, TN I04574 BonnerWatts 
38 Seaton, Leonard Elbert Sr.  30 Oct 1949Hardin County, TN I04572 BonnerWatts 
39 Seaton, William Marshall  13 Aug 1919Hardin County, TN I04570 BonnerWatts 
40 Stanford, Annabelle Elizabeth  26 Jan 1888Hardin County, TN I03579 BonnerWatts 
41 Unknown, Essie  6 Oct 1999Hardin County, TN I12106 BonnerWatts 
42 White, David Dempsey  1961Hardin County, TN I06428 BonnerWatts 
43 Willis, Sarah Ella  2 Mar 1969Hardin County, TN I12088 BonnerWatts 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allison / Austin  16 Sep 1936Hardin County, TN F2248 BonnerWatts 
2 Austin / Conaway  30 Apr 1900Hardin County, TN F2236 BonnerWatts 
3 Austin / Seaton  31 Dec 1913Hardin County, TN F2242 BonnerWatts 
4 Conaway / DeLaney  17 May 1919Hardin County, TN F2237 BonnerWatts 
5 Conaway / Gardner  19 May 1889Hardin County, TN F4047 BonnerWatts 
6 Conaway / Godwin  8 Jul 1927Hardin County, TN F4048 BonnerWatts 
7 Conaway / Haynes  24 Jan 1875Hardin County, TN F1567 BonnerWatts 
8 Conaway / Moffett  1854Hardin County, TN F1257 BonnerWatts 
9 Conaway / Vickrey  6 Jan 1909Hardin County, TN F5490 BonnerWatts 
10 Conaway / Willis  23 Dec 1906Hardin County, TN F4406 BonnerWatts 
11 Cossey / Milligan  25 Sep 1945Hardin County, TN F2263 BonnerWatts 
12 Fox / Conaway  26 Sep 1922Hardin County, TN F1570 BonnerWatts 
13 Fox / Qualls  25 Sep 1900Hardin County, TN F2241 BonnerWatts 
14 Grimes / White  3 Aug 1919Hardin County, TN F2264 BonnerWatts 
15 Milligan / White  11 May 1919Hardin County, TN F2260 BonnerWatts 
16 Outlaw / Conaway  29 May 1914Hardin County, TN F2239 BonnerWatts 
17 Pollard / Benson  15 Oct 1914Hardin County, TN F2256 BonnerWatts 
18 Pollard / Conaway  10 Mar 1878Hardin County, TN F2233 BonnerWatts 
19 Pollard / Hitchcock  31 Jan 1907Hardin County, TN F2255 BonnerWatts 
20 Seaton / Conaway  11 Jun 1893Hardin County, TN F1571 BonnerWatts 
21 Seaton / McDaniel  1 Nov 1914Hardin County, TN F2243 BonnerWatts 

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