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Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bom, Paul Rever  1 Jul 1925Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67799 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Bowers, Shirley Jean  13 Aug 1935Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67217 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Brooks, Steven Scott  9 Feb 1963Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67208 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Brooks, William Gerald  3 Apr 1934Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67207 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Bull, Herbert J.  25 Sep 1905Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I66802 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Carlton, Thelma June  8 May 1921Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67142 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Culver, Thomas Henry  1 Jan 1926Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67222 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Doughty, Donald Lee  14 Oct 1932Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67346 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Doughty, Wayne Dyer  30 Nov 1928Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67345 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Elliott, Donald Norman  19 Apr 1929Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67150 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Elliott, Harold Lloyd  31 Oct 1921Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67147 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Elliott, Joseph Clifford  4 Dec 1923Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67148 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Elliott, Robert\Bobby Arnold  12 Mar 1930Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67151 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Freels, Iva Agnes  2 Jul 1923Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67025 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Freels, John William  14 Mar 1925Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67026 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Freels, Mary Lucille  15 Nov 1921Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67024 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Freels, Theodore John Frankliln  30 Jul 1927Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67027 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 French, Josephine Lillian  27 Dec 1918Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67587 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Greenwell, Marilyn Elizabeth  25 Feb 1939Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67830 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Griggs, Aline Raye  7 Jun 1936Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67205 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Griggs, Anna Louise  14 Oct 1920Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67548 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Griggs, Bettye Ann\Jane  17 Jan 1928Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67196 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Griggs, Harold Boyd  9 May 1931Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67198 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Griggs, James Orbry  26 Jun 1924Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67253 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Griggs, John B. Jr.  3 Apr 1948Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67224 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Griggs, John Raymond  15 Jan 1930Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67975 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Griggs, Marilyn  7 Feb 1932Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67203 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Griggs, Mary Ann  19 Feb 1936Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67547 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Griggs, Robert Edward "Bob"  9 Mar 1924Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67195 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Griggs, Tommy Lee  21 Sep 1934Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67204 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Harmes, Patricia A.  1 Oct 1928Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67201 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Haug, John Leonard  20 Feb 1900Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67701 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Hawes, Barbara Ann  2 Apr 1937Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67257 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Keith, Irene  10 Sep 1911Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I93392 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Lineback, James Charles  15 May 1918Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67139 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Lineback, James Michael  25 Jun 1946Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67143 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
37 Lineback, Margaret Elizabeth  15 Mar 1911Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67138 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
38 Minton, Norma Jean  25 Nov 1935Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67129 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
39 Nicholson, Robert Joseph  11 May 1939Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67919 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
40 Reutter, Daniel David  7 Nov 1927Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67016 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
41 Reutter, James Gilbert  10 Mar 1929Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67017 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
42 Reutter, Meta Elizabeth  25 Sep 1923Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67014 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
43 Reutter, William Edward  3 Apr 1926Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67015 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
44 Reutter, William George  1 Mar 1901Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67013 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
45 Reynolds, Florence Agnes  1 Mar 1924Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67598 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
46 Schwitz, Joe Haley  24 Mar 1929Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67811 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
47 Schwitz, Randall Lee  8 Oct 1958Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67812 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
48 Simms, Patsy Jane  15 Jan 1935Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67798 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
49 Stephenson, Earl Albertis "Bert"  7 Mar 1925Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67022 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
50 Walsh, Mildred Sarah  23 Dec 1904Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I66751 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abell, John W.  18 Mar 1987Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67845 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Abell, Juanetta  1 May 1952Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67801 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Abell, Lorean  21 Dec 1959Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67795 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Abell, Samuel Phillip  31 Jan 1977Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67800 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Addison, Wanda Nadine  5 May 2003Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I73005 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Ames, Daniel T.  2 Feb 1981Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67431 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Ames, Malcom E.  29 Apr 1986Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67449 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Ames, Marvin Hugh  21 Apr 1998Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67448 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Austin, Mable Edd  16 Feb 1992Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67973 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Barron, Mary Marthella  21 Mar 1973Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67422 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Bartley, Anna Dennis  16 Jun 1998Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67394 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Bauer, Anna Augusta  5 Jan 1989Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67128 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Betz, Herman C.  8 Oct 1990Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I66851 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Bolds, John Logan  18 Apr 1961Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I66870 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Bom, Paul Rever  4 Feb 2003Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67799 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Borup, Alice America  3 Aug 1944Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67132 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Borup, John Charles  1938Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67131 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Bowers, Shirley Jean  13 Mar 2017Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67217 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Brands, Mary Magdline  25 Oct 1995Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67691 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Brian, Beverly Jean  8 Apr 1991Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67155 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Brooks, Steven Scott  9 Feb 1963Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67208 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Brooks, William Gerald  29 Mar 2000Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67207 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Bull, Herbert J.  18 Apr 1959Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I66802 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Burch, Eugene C.  19 Jul 1956Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67159 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Carlton, Thelma June  12 Dec 2013Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67142 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Castelow, Philip A.  17 Aug 1987Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67245 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Cates, Catherine  21 Sep 2012Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67809 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Cohoon, Norma Jean  2 Apr 1994Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67255 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Cromwell, Mary Virginia  31 Oct 1947Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67747 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Culver, Margaret Elizabeth"Maggie"  13 Jun 1943Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67181 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Culver, Thomas Goebel  23 Jul 1974Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67190 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Cummings, Andrew John Jr.  26 Jul 1982Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67549 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Davis, Bernard Owen Sr.  25 Dec 2004Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67906 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Davis, Rankin Albertus  22 Mar 1968Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67897 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Day, Thomas Dyer  18 Dec 1962Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67599 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Dayberry, Mary Miladean  14 May 2004Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67280 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
37 Dossett, Rosa Jo  18 Nov 1969Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67237 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
38 Dosssett, Cora  11 Sep 1980Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67788 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
39 Doughty, Everett Ivo  15 Nov 1981Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67344 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
40 Echols, Anna Lloyd  12 Apr 1977Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67244 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
41 Echols, Kathy Lynn  14 Apr 2015Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67242 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
42 Echols\Eckels, James Odie "Sonny"  1956Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67236 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
43 Elliott, Donald Norman  7 Jan 1975Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67150 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
44 Elliott, Dorothy Mae  20 Jun 1998Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67146 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
45 Elliott, Harold Lloyd  28 May 2006Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67147 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
46 Elliott, Joseph Clifford  24 May 1987Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67148 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
47 Elliott, Robert\Bobby Arnold  11 Jul 1978Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67151 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
48 Elliott, Samuel Terrell "Joseph"  27 Feb 1957Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67145 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
49 French, Anna Helen  26 Sep 2000Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I66946 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
50 French, Carl R.  25 May 1999Evansville, Vanderburg County, IN I67588 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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