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Burnside, Pulaski County, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aderholdt, Gladys Christine  29 Sep 1920Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82438 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Alcorn, William Ambrose  23 Apr 1908Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81391 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Baker, Lloyd Dutch  7 Mar 1900Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81613 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Bales, Bethada  3 Mar 1858Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82214 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Bryant, Alberta Jane  1924Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82456 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Bryant, Charles W.  29 Feb 1868Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82416 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Bryant, Elsie Lee  3 Dec 1909Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82603 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Bryant, Franklin Finley  30 Sep 1888Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81229 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Bryant, Gilson Dickerson  12 Mar 1872Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82529 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Bryant, Harold H.  16 Sep 1918Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82430 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Bryant, Henrietta "Hetty"  1863Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82524 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Bryant, Jesse F.  5 Jul 1886Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82422 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Bryant, Joseph Albert  6 Jan 1874Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82418 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Bryant, Julian Powell  22 Mar 1914Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82454 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Bryant, Lawrence Gilbert  4 Sep 1911Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82453 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 Bryant, Lucy A.  17 Jan 1867Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82526 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Bryant, Mary  11 Jan 1869Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82527 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Bryant, Norman Elwood  14 Jan 1906Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82608 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Bryant, Samuel H.  12 Sep 1835Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82412 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Bryant, Telitha "Litha"  1 Feb 1864Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82525 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Bryant, William George  21 Feb 1838Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82523 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Bryant, William T. "Willie"  28 Jul 1900Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81233 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Bryant, Woods Gilbert  12 Oct 1865Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82415 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Canada, Thelma Louise  29 Aug 1917Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81318 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Claunch, Joe Howard  17 Nov 1920Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82008 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Colyer, Flossie Ellen  10 May 1900Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81509 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Cooper, Lavina Elizabeth  16 Oct 1888Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82710 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Cox, William Albert Jr.  30 Oct 1897Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81490 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Fitzgerald, Anna Laura  29 Jan 1893Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81001 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
30 Flynn, Charles Virgil  8 Jan 1922Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81382 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
31 Flynn, Ruby Kathleen  17 May 1930Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81385 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
32 Godsey, George Ann  28 Apr 1929Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81574 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
33 Grissom, Thomas Baker  15 Jan 1896Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81345 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
34 Halcomb, Desta Hellen  23 May 1897Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81486 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
35 Halcomb, Ida Victoria  8 Feb 1900Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81487 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
36 Halcomb, Vesta Beulah  15 Nov 1894Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81485 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
37 Hamilton, Max A.  29 Jul 1875Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82468 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
38 Hamilton, Peter Quarles  14 Jul 1868Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82465 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
39 Huff, Mary Jo  17 Jul 1934Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81388 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
40 Lee, Lucille  29 Apr 1931Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81396 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
41 Lewis, Alonzo "Lon"  2 Feb 1887Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82291 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
42 Lewis, James Westly  4 Jan 1868Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I80985 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
43 Lewis, Joseph Heber  18 Aug 1921Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81340 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
44 Lewis, Josephine  1919Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82188 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
45 Lewis, Myrtle  3 Apr 1888Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81675 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
46 Lewis, Regina Steele  12 Mar 1917Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82629 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
47 Lewis, Robert Owens  2 Mar 1873Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81324 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
48 McDaniel, Edward Walter  30 Jun 1888Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81684 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
49 Roberts, Lillian Russell  3 Nov 1900Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82441 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
50 Roberts, Raymond Lafayette  8 Jun 1903Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82442 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bryant, Alberta Jane  1929Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82456 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Bryant, Jesse F.  13 Jun 1906Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82422 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Bryant, Joseph Albert  5 Nov 1939Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82418 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
4 Bryant, Percy A.  24 May 1930Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82421 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
5 Bryant, Samuel H.  5 Jun 1902Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82412 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
6 Bryant, Sarah T. "Sallie"  19 Sep 1906Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82419 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
7 Bryant, William George  2 Oct 1916Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I82523 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
8 Cook, Ruth Margaret  21 May 1979Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81342 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
9 Cowan, Lucy Mary  7 Jul 1919Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81322 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
10 Flynn, Alleyne V.  8 Sep 2009Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81380 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
11 Flynn, Ella Virginia  3 May 1990Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81381 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
12 Halcomb, Desta Hellen  29 Sep 1968Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81486 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
13 Halcomb, Richard H.  13 Jul 1959Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81484 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
14 Inman, Joline Grant  23 Dec 2012Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I70980 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
15 Johnson, David Lawrence Sr.  22 Apr 2001Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81558 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
16 King, James M.  17 May 1985Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81612 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
17 Lane, Evelyn Eloise  8 Jan 1981Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81605 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
18 Lewis, Anna B.  12 Jul 1905Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I80964 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
19 Lewis, George Alfred  30 Oct 1937Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I80977 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
20 Lewis, J. Heber  15 Dec 1981Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81336 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
21 Lewis, Mary Ann "Polly"  28 May 1945Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81227 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
22 Lewis, Mary Jane "Polly"  8 Aug 1902Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I80966 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
23 Lewis, Robert Thomas Sr.  26 Nov 2003Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81341 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
24 Lewis, Stella G.  12 Jan 1997Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81337 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
25 Nicholas, Georgia Versailer  10 Aug 2018Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81524 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
26 Struck, Edna Louise  12 Dec 2004Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81539 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
27 Taylor, William "Bill"  29 Nov 1915Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I80968 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
28 Walden, William E.  22 Apr 1980Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81619 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
29 Wallace, George Norman.  23 Dec 1954Burnside, Pulaski County, KY I81392 SmighHarrell2024Feb 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Lewis / Kelly  15 Jan 1823Burnside, Pulaski County, KY F30004 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
2 Lewis / Martin  21 Jul 1840Burnside, Pulaski County, KY F30473 SmighHarrell2024Feb 
3 Lewis / Shadowen  24 Dec 1868Burnside, Pulaski County, KY F30485 SmighHarrell2024Feb 

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