Smith and Bonner Family History

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Austin, Travis County, TX


Latitude: 30.2671530, Longitude: -97.7430608


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, John Elwood  17 Sep 1879Austin, Travis County, TX I00412 BonnerWatts 
2 Black, Davie Harley  Austin, Travis County, TX I00158 BonnerWatts 
3 Black, Jessica  Austin, Travis County, TX I00159 BonnerWatts 
4 Black, Marshal  Austin, Travis County, TX I00160 BonnerWatts 
5 Bonner, Augusta Anne  10 Jan 1884Austin, Travis County, TX I00493 BonnerWatts 
6 Bonner, Charles Chastain "Tex"  28 Sep 1871Austin, Travis County, TX I00795 BonnerWatts 
7 Bonner, Dempsey Dekalb "Demps"  15 Dec 1869Austin, Travis County, TX I00794 BonnerWatts 
8 Bonner, Elizabeth Mary "Bettie"  11 Mar 1879Austin, Travis County, TX I00492 BonnerWatts 
9 Bonner, Emma Lou  ABT. 1886Austin, Travis County, TX I00495 BonnerWatts 
10 Bonner, Infant Son  Austin, Travis County, TX I00489 BonnerWatts 
11 Bonner, Laura J.  Oct 1867Austin, Travis County, TX I00792 BonnerWatts 
12 Bonner, Lucy T.  8 Aug 1881Austin, Travis County, TX I00789 BonnerWatts 
13 Bonner, Marcia  10 Dec 1874Austin, Travis County, TX I00791 BonnerWatts 
14 Bonner, Mary D. "Polly"  27 Oct 1865Austin, Travis County, TX I00790 BonnerWatts 
15 Bonner, Nancy "Columbia"  12 May 1874Austin, Travis County, TX I00490 BonnerWatts 
16 Bonner, Nancy "Nannie" H.  18 Feb 1879Austin, Travis County, TX I00796 BonnerWatts 
17 Bonner, Ruby Virginia  16 Jul 1889Austin, Travis County, TX I00496 BonnerWatts 
18 Bonner, Sophronia  ABT. 1878Austin, Travis County, TX I00491 BonnerWatts 
19 Conaway, Bessie Pearl  12 Jun 1899Austin, Travis County, TX I03677 BonnerWatts 
20 Custard, Lilly B.  1 Oct 1877Austin, Travis County, TX I03660 BonnerWatts 
21 Eskew, J. T. Jr.  11 Sep 1925Austin, Travis County, TX I00872 BonnerWatts 
22 Eskew, Thomas Bonner  29 Oct 1918Austin, Travis County, TX I00871 BonnerWatts 
23 Hoge, William Hampton  8 Feb 1899Austin, Travis County, TX I09496 BonnerWatts 
24 Myers, James Edward Sr.  26 Jan 1870Austin, Travis County, TX I03853 BonnerWatts 
25 Sawyer, Baker Bonner  12 Dec 1887Austin, Travis County, TX I00829 BonnerWatts 
26 Traweek, Claude David Jr.  16 Jun 1940Austin, Travis County, TX I09589 BonnerWatts 
27 Watkins, Eric Hubert  16 Jan 1904Austin, Travis County, TX I10102 BonnerWatts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Katharine Reynolds  2 Apr 2005Austin, Travis County, TX I11418 BonnerWatts 
2 Anderson, Sam Irvin  21 Mar 1964Austin, Travis County, TX I06639 BonnerWatts 
3 Arp, Effie  24 Apr 1975Austin, Travis County, TX I09165 BonnerWatts 
4 Barber, Mabrey Nathaniel  22 Nov 1967Austin, Travis County, TX I08118 BonnerWatts 
5 Bonner, Augusta Anne  29 Jul 1973Austin, Travis County, TX I00493 BonnerWatts 
6 Bonner, Dempsey Dekalb  12 Jan 1912Austin, Travis County, TX I00226 BonnerWatts 
7 Bonner, Desdemonia  BEF. 1852Austin, Travis County, TX I00220 BonnerWatts 
8 Bonner, Infant Son  Austin, Travis County, TX I00489 BonnerWatts 
9 Bonner, Ruby Virginia  6 Jan 1975Austin, Travis County, TX I00496 BonnerWatts 
10 Chambers, Anna Sue  3 Feb 2012Austin, Travis County, TX I09468 BonnerWatts 
11 Close, Kathryn Lucille  Apr 1986Austin, Travis County, TX I04723 BonnerWatts 
12 Conaway, James Glendle "Sonny"  4 Feb 2011Austin, Travis County, TX I12228 BonnerWatts 
13 Conaway, Robert Wilburn  12 Jan 1962Austin, Travis County, TX I03707 BonnerWatts 
14 Crawford, Louise "Snooks"  31 Jan 1970Austin, Travis County, TX I09659 BonnerWatts 
15 Daniels, Dascomb Bert  29 Oct 1966Austin, Travis County, TX I06562 BonnerWatts 
16 Davis, Charlyne Milda  31 Dec 1985Austin, Travis County, TX I06730 BonnerWatts 
17 Eggeling, Rudolph Emil  15 Aug 1974Austin, Travis County, TX I06540 BonnerWatts 
18 Eskew, J. T. Jr.  12 Sep 1925Austin, Travis County, TX I00872 BonnerWatts 
19 Eskew, J. Tom  6 Feb 1967Austin, Travis County, TX I00497 BonnerWatts 
20 Eskew, Thomas Bonner  29 Oct 1918Austin, Travis County, TX I00871 BonnerWatts 
21 Everett, Joe Darrell  2 Feb 2007Austin, Travis County, TX I09973 BonnerWatts 
22 Fewell, James Melton  14 Feb 1999Austin, Travis County, TX I06682 BonnerWatts 
23 Fink, Kenneth Conley  27 Jan 2009Austin, Travis County, TX I09458 BonnerWatts 
24 Gannaway, Alta Inez  4 May 1972Austin, Travis County, TX I03671 BonnerWatts 
25 Hector, Gravel Troy  Jul 1981Austin, Travis County, TX I11502 BonnerWatts 
26 Hoover, Clifford M.  10 Oct 1997Austin, Travis County, TX I10016 BonnerWatts 
27 Hunt, Dudley Wooten "Doc"  7 Jun 1981Austin, Travis County, TX I09168 BonnerWatts 
28 Hunt, Marjorie Nell  30 Jun 1997Austin, Travis County, TX I09269 BonnerWatts 
29 Johnson, Emma Virginia  18 Apr 1919Austin, Travis County, TX I00488 BonnerWatts 
30 Jones, Marion Rite  23 Dec 1942Austin, Travis County, TX I09854 BonnerWatts 
31 Lester, Charles Haskell  18 Aug 2000Austin, Travis County, TX I06716 BonnerWatts 
32 Lindsey, Charles Berry  29 Aug 1972Austin, Travis County, TX I06542 BonnerWatts 
33 Lindsey, Charlie Mae  21 Oct 1980Austin, Travis County, TX I06561 BonnerWatts 
34 Lindsey, Weldon Ruth  26 Dec 2011Austin, Travis County, TX I10013 BonnerWatts 
35 McCoy, Buford Lakin  27 Dec 1969Austin, Travis County, TX I01711 BonnerWatts 
36 McWilliams, John Fletcher  5 Mar 1998Austin, Travis County, TX I06570 BonnerWatts 
37 Moore, Elizabeth Aleece  12 Feb 2006Austin, Travis County, TX I09860 BonnerWatts 
38 Parmer, Herman  3 Feb 1973Austin, Travis County, TX I06698 BonnerWatts 
39 Patton, Verna L.  28 Feb 2005Austin, Travis County, TX I09844 BonnerWatts 
40 Pearl, Emily  12 Jun 2002Austin, Travis County, TX I06725 BonnerWatts 
41 Phillips, Nora Lee  20 Sep 2003Austin, Travis County, TX I03847 BonnerWatts 
42 Ricketts, Harold Dean  11 Nov 2005Austin, Travis County, TX I09933 BonnerWatts 
43 Riffe, Lula Margaret  23 Mar 1961Austin, Travis County, TX I09150 BonnerWatts 
44 Riffe, Tee Cumsey  19 Feb 1959Austin, Travis County, TX I09308 BonnerWatts 
45 Sanders, Alice Dunreath  4 Aug 1958Austin, Travis County, TX I09478 BonnerWatts 
46 Sawyer, Fred  3 Dec 1916Austin, Travis County, TX I00838 BonnerWatts 
47 Sawyer, Jennie  9 Oct 1897Austin, Travis County, TX I00825 BonnerWatts 
48 Sawyer, William Martin Jr.  17 Sep 1946Austin, Travis County, TX I00828 BonnerWatts 
49 Standlee, Frances Ray  12 Jun 1974Austin, Travis County, TX I06573 BonnerWatts 
50 Standlee, Malinda Jane (Linda)  1968Austin, Travis County, TX I03819 BonnerWatts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Sawyer  30 Oct 1901Austin, Travis County, TX F0162 BonnerWatts 
2 Bonner / Johnson  14 Jul 1873Austin, Travis County, TX F0193 BonnerWatts 
3 Bonner / McKinney  20 Mar 1860Austin, Travis County, TX F0200 BonnerWatts 
4 Davis / Wilson  28 Jun 1931Austin, Travis County, TX F2361 BonnerWatts 
5 Eskew / Bonner  24 Jun 1914Austin, Travis County, TX F0195 BonnerWatts 
6 Fink / Swinebroad  25 May 1946Austin, Travis County, TX F3343 BonnerWatts 
7 Johnson / Bowles  19 Jan 1842Austin, Travis County, TX F0309 BonnerWatts 
8 Mealer / Hunt  2 Dec 1944Austin, Travis County, TX F3271 BonnerWatts 
9 Sawyer / Bonner  27 Nov 1871Austin, Travis County, TX F0160 BonnerWatts 
10 Smith / Resneshek\Resnicek  5 Jun 1907Austin, Travis County, TX F3166 BonnerWatts 

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