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Vincennes, Knox County, IN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Branham, Marlyn "Susie"  12 Nov 1930Vincennes, Knox County, IN I68285
2 Brian, Beverly Jean  13 Aug 1924Vincennes, Knox County, IN I67152
3 Camp, Reginald Deane  1944Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49172
4 Coan, John G.  13 Jun 1908Vincennes, Knox County, IN I76990
5 Donaldson, Leslie Earl  29 Sep 1902Vincennes, Knox County, IN I73512
6 Donovan, Myrtle Olive  05 Apr 1888Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37285
7 Dontcheff, Theodore Herman  06 Aug 1922Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77031
8 Elliott, Chester Orlando  20 Sep 1907Vincennes, Knox County, IN I79428
9 Goodwin, Virginia Ruth  24 Mar 1928Vincennes, Knox County, IN I73679
10 Goodwin, William Bryan  04 Aug 1906Vincennes, Knox County, IN I73672
11 Harrell, James "Henderson"  14 Feb 1847Vincennes, Knox County, IN I35455
12 Hartman, Helen Margurette  28 Jun 1915Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77088
13 Hurley, Robert Elmer  01 Feb 1926Vincennes, Knox County, IN I75864
14 Kimmel, Forrest Ray  01 Mar 1941Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77038
15 Lewis, Charles S.  26 Mar 1913Vincennes, Knox County, IN I63834
16 Lewis, John Lewis  20 Apr 1916Vincennes, Knox County, IN I63833
17 Marshall, Charles Clifford  23 Nov 1923Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77223
18 Mattingly, Donald Richard  20 Jan 1932Vincennes, Knox County, IN I36445
19 Mayes, Robert Maurice  10 Sep 1926Vincennes, Knox County, IN I68286
20 Murphy, Robert Vernon  19 Aug 1924Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77096
21 Murphy, William Eugene  09 Jun 1926Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77097
22 Nieters, Loraine Clara  05 Jul 1904Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49251
23 Parker, Bessie  19 Dec 1913Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77199
24 Parker, Boyd Lee  27 Aug 1927Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49229
25 Parker, Howard Walter  13 Jul 1910Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49224
26 Parker, Isaac Edward  23 Apr 1916Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77196
27 Parker, Jessie May  24 Jul 1912Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49225
28 Parker, John Robert  15 Jan 1917Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77110
29 Parker, Mildred Minerva  25 Feb 1921Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49227
30 Parker, Norma Lorraine  14 Dec 1922Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49228
31 Parker, Rosanna Alice "Roxie"  16 Feb 1906Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49222
32 Parker, Thelma Elsa  19 Jul 1908Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49223
33 Phillips, Joseph Wayne  08 Sep 1924Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77224
34 Riddle, Jack Maurice  31 Mar 1934Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77107
35 Scott, Mary Elizabeth  10 May 1847Vincennes, Knox County, IN I36440
36 Shepherd, Cecil Marion  20 Oct 1919Vincennes, Knox County, IN I73670
37 Small, Byron Ervin "Pete"  06 Apr 1930Vincennes, Knox County, IN I48953
38 Wampler, Earl Dean  23 Feb 1928Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49254


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Banta, Imo Jean  09 Aug 1933Vincennes, Knox County, IN I54195
2 Banta, Madge Louise  16 Feb 2003Vincennes, Knox County, IN I54190
3 Bartlett, Ada M.  06 Sep 1973Vincennes, Knox County, IN I60680
4 Berry, Carman Maxine  12 Oct 2007Vincennes, Knox County, IN I39456
5 Berry, Glen Cecil  01 Nov 2001Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49395
6 Branham, John Henry  03 Feb 1961Vincennes, Knox County, IN I68276
7 Branham, Marlyn "Susie"  24 Apr 2014Vincennes, Knox County, IN I68285
8 Brewer, Dallas Newman  10 Feb 2001Vincennes, Knox County, IN I73002
9 Brocksmith, Paul Edward Dr.  20 May 2003Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77076
10 Burris, Wanita Mae Dr.  07 Oct 2000Vincennes, Knox County, IN I48610
11 Chamberlain, Clayton  03 May 1992Vincennes, Knox County, IN I76994
12 Chamberlain, Joel W. "Joe"  31 Dec 1971Vincennes, Knox County, IN I52509
13 Chamberlain, Marlin  24 Mar 1976Vincennes, Knox County, IN I76995
14 Church, Genevieve L.  26 Feb 2005Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49127
15 Church, Jerry D.  12 May 1997Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49130
16 Church, Nancy A.  02 Feb 2006Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49129
17 Cooper, Allie  25 Jul 1975Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49387
18 Cooper, Frusann "Anna"  11 Apr 1961Vincennes, Knox County, IN I54184
19 Cooper, James Arthur  10 Aug 1974Vincennes, Knox County, IN I54181
20 Cooper, Matilda Tolover "Tillie"  11 Feb 1972Vincennes, Knox County, IN I54178
21 Eckert, Nellie Loraine  06 Apr 2000Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77008
22 Foster, Eliza  25 Sep 1964Vincennes, Knox County, IN I75863
23 Fry, Carlos Mason "Buck"  15 Nov 1991Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49115
24 Frye, Jesse Tuck  15 Mar 1958Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49112
25 Harrell, Daisy Mae  16 Jul 1991Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37290
26 Harrell, Emma J.  18 Mar 1968Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37360
27 Harrell, Joseph Guy  26 May 1997Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37319
28 Harrell, Lelah Maude  18 Oct 2006Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37321
29 Harrell, Mary Catherine  04 Dec 1957Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37282
30 Harrell, Mary E.  02 Oct 1943Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37370
31 Harrell, Minerva  19 Apr 1940Vincennes, Knox County, IN I35417
32 Harrell, Opal Fern  13 Dec 1992Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37286
33 Harrell, Rodney Guy  06 Aug 2006Vincennes, Knox County, IN I39457
34 Harrell, Rose Jane  05 Jun 1910Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37359
35 Harrell, William Wade  06 Apr 2008Vincennes, Knox County, IN I37320
36 Hartman, Nellie June  16 Feb 1988Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77092
37 Hartman, Thelma Louise  09 Jul 2006Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77093
38 Helderman, Barbara Jean  28 Oct 2006Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49189
39 Hess, Lowell Russel  28 Dec 1969Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77250
40 Keasling, Ralph Lee  20 Feb 1960Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77035
41 Kelshaw, Olive Edna  06 Jan 1936Vincennes, Knox County, IN I35430
42 Kensler, Pauline Margaret  21 Aug 2005Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77218
43 Kiger, John Elias Rev.  17 Mar 1962Vincennes, Knox County, IN I49380
44 Kimmel, Glen  15 Nov 1996Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77037
45 Lewis, Charles S.  19 May 1913Vincennes, Knox County, IN I63834
46 Lewis, John Lewis  06 May 1916Vincennes, Knox County, IN I63833
47 Manning, Blanche  11 Nov 1993Vincennes, Knox County, IN I77284
48 Mayes, Robert Maurice  30 Jan 2010Vincennes, Knox County, IN I68286
49 Maynard, Dollie Hester  24 Feb 1985Vincennes, Knox County, IN I68277
50 McCoy, Dallas Harold  08 Jan 1973Vincennes, Knox County, IN I48942

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bogue / Parker  01 Jun 1936Vincennes, Knox County, IN F19066
2 Goodwin / Shepherd  11 Apr 1925Vincennes, Knox County, IN F28166
3 Marshall / Small  03 Mar 1962Vincennes, Knox County, IN F18979
4 Parker / Nieters  25 Apr 1922Vincennes, Knox County, IN F19061
5 Wyant / Harrell  06 Mar 1930Vincennes, Knox County, IN F14737

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