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Toledo, Lucas County, OH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bender, William George  1904Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78208
2 Bossert, Lucille Lydia  17 Nov 1909Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67393
3 Burke, Ruth Angeline  3 Aug 1899Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53703
4 Chittenden, Jeanette Carol  16 Jun 1923Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78185
5 Clum, William D. "Willie"  16 Dec 1887Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62965
6 Clum, William John  29 Aug 1930Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62978
7 Duffy, Gertrude  15 Jul 1888Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78078
8 Fowler, John W. Jr.  30 Jun 1923Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67891
9 Fowler, Virginia Jean  5 Apr 1921Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67890
10 Greener, Harold William  9 Feb 1922Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78184
11 Harrell, Evelyn Cecila  21 Nov 1927Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78070
12 Harrell, George Alvin  20 Aug 1923Toledo, Lucas County, OH I54323
13 Harrell, George Raymond  12 Nov 1897Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53629
14 Harrell, John Lewis  12 Jan 1927Toledo, Lucas County, OH I41003
15 Harrell, John Norman  14 Sep 1917Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53662
16 Harrell, Kenneth Joseph  22 Dec 1933Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78132
17 Harrell, Lynn  21 Feb 1941Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78192
18 Harrell, Patricia Barbara  15 Aug 1929Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78129
19 Harrell, Robert Francis  10 Mar 1932Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78074
20 Johnson, Harold Loyd  19 Mar 1929Toledo, Lucas County, OH I73240
21 Long, Richard J.  3 Jan 1930Toledo, Lucas County, OH I54515
22 MacClintock, Keith E.  9 Nov 1926Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78071
23 Milosh, Pearl Irene  8 Feb 1876Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52940
24 Murzynski, Chester Lawrence "Mike"  22 Mar 1914Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78131
25 Ornduff, James Harvey  31 Aug 1892Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78715
26 Palmer, James D.  4 Feb 1916Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62672
27 Parish, Charles Kenneth  2 Jul 1922Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62988
28 Parish, Charles S.  2 Nov 1900Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62985
29 Parish, Jack Eldon  25 May 1928Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62989
30 Reiter, Edwin Carroll  28 Jan 1935Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67887
31 Reiter, Robert Alvin  1 Dec 1932Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67886
32 Robart, Geraldine Marie  23 Jun 1917Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53748
33 Rupley, Robert James  6 May 1923Toledo, Lucas County, OH I86920
34 Teegarden, Henry James  12 Jul 1909Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52934
35 Teegarden, John William  10 Jun 1894Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52936
36 Teegarden, Robert Henry  26 May 1918Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52935
37 Teegarden, Sylvester  1 Oct 1903Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52939
38 Urbanski, Esther  11 Dec 1920Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62991


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arquette, Alice M.  19 May 1982Toledo, Lucas County, OH I54322
2 Balden\Bolden, Emma  Dec 1950Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52933
3 Barnack, Edward J.  30 Jan 1985Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78206
4 Bell, Ruby Jane  16 Jul 1974Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78107
5 Bentley, Jessie (Adopted daughter)  15 Feb 1972Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53617
6 Bossert, Lucille Lydia  24 May 2004Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67393
7 Cavinee, Wilbur E.  31 May 1991Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78212
8 Chittenden, Jeanette Carol  19 Dec 2006Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78185
9 Clum, William D. "Willie"  6 Jun 1967Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62965
10 Clum, William John  7 Jun 1978Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62978
11 Duffy, Gertrude  17 Feb 1926Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78078
12 Ezell, Lillian Louise  Aug 1962Toledo, Lucas County, OH I11885
13 Fain, Bernice Lee Forrester  29 Jan 1985Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78186
14 Faulkner, Ambrose Coleman  1925Toledo, Lucas County, OH I14893
15 Faulkner, May  AFT. 1930Toledo, Lucas County, OH I50949
16 Fowler, James C.  16 Jul 1976Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67883
17 Fowler, John W.  15 Oct 1990Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67881
18 Fowler, John W. Jr.  24 Mar 1992Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67891
19 Fowler, Pauline  8 Jun 1973Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67880
20 German, Cassius  17 Aug 1945Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52873
21 Greener, Roland A.  20 Aug 1963Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78183
22 Grosjisn, Jeanette M.  30 Dec 1996Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67893
23 Hahn, Mary J. "Susie?"  16 Mar 1941Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52827
24 Harrell, Darrell Fernando  3 Dec 1945Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53623
25 Harrell, Elta Evangeline  5 Dec 1991Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53660
26 Harrell, Evelyn Cecila  5 May 2007Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78070
27 Harrell, Fitchual Joseph  28 Dec 1921Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53654
28 Harrell, George  20 Oct 1973Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53605
29 Harrell, George Raymond  11 Oct 1973Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53629
30 Harrell, Laura R.  16 Aug 1971Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53655
31 Harrell, Lawrence Millard  28 Oct 1980Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53691
32 Harrell, Lloyd Arlo  20 Aug 1945Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53636
33 Harrell, Loa L.  1 Nov 1992Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53659
34 Harrell, Lynn  18 Nov 1995Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78192
35 Harrell, Patricia Barbara  11 Jan 1988Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78129
36 Hopson, Jack Luther  14 Sep 2004Toledo, Lucas County, OH I54507
37 Hudson, Harry Earl  29 Jul 1943Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78077
38 Knepper, Thelma Vondale  3 Sep 1988Toledo, Lucas County, OH I53634
39 Ledyard, Orland Allanson  4 Dec 1946Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52862
40 Lime, Ethel Gladys  4 Dec 1946Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52773
41 Limes, Mary Adams  1951Toledo, Lucas County, OH I52863
42 Long, Gilbert Garrett  15 Jan 1952Toledo, Lucas County, OH I45382
43 Mills, Charles Biven  16 Sep 1972Toledo, Lucas County, OH I67390
44 Murzynski, Chester Lawrence "Mike"  7 Jan 1994Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78131
45 Parish, Charles Kenneth  23 Dec 1991Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62988
46 Parish, Charles S.  23 Jun 1940Toledo, Lucas County, OH I62985
47 Parrott, Edgar Hayden  11 Jan 1986Toledo, Lucas County, OH I66412
48 Peters, Helen May\Mabel  16 Mar 2005Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78182
49 Peters, Sharon D.  14 Mar 1959Toledo, Lucas County, OH I78201
50 Petree\Petrey, Homer  19 Jun 1972Toledo, Lucas County, OH I70897

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / Hopson  2 Apr 1960Toledo, Lucas County, OH F18612

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