Smith and Bonner Family History

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Springfield, Greene County, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Robert Cornlous  22 Feb 1894Springfield, Greene County, MO I18252
2 Boring, Modena Caroline  12 Jul 1858Springfield, Greene County, MO I08973
3 Farthing, Jack Allison  04 Oct 1908Springfield, Greene County, MO I18174
4 Garrett, Harry Robert  10 May 1920Springfield, Greene County, MO I75927
5 Helm, Jimmy Lane  19 Jun 1936Springfield, Greene County, MO I55043
6 Hurst, William Thomas  1848Springfield, Greene County, MO I29584
7 McCall, Felix Smith  29 Dec 1873Springfield, Greene County, MO I2209
8 McReynolds, Balem Oscar  18 Aug 1868Springfield, Greene County, MO I31331
9 Morton, Samuel Ernest  01 Jan 1847Springfield, Greene County, MO I47971
10 Nunn, Hazel Marie  04 Dec 1910Springfield, Greene County, MO I15393
11 Peterson, John Vincent  29 Feb 1876Springfield, Greene County, MO I51283
12 Peterson, Rachel Della  26 Feb 1907Springfield, Greene County, MO I51285
13 Potter, Thomas Jefferson  03 Apr 1882Springfield, Greene County, MO I38493
14 Richardson, Martha Sophronia  01 Feb 1864Springfield, Greene County, MO I4146
15 Simmons, Robert M.  16 Apr 1864Springfield, Greene County, MO I2086
16 Stewart, Bobby Gene  02 Jan 1935Springfield, Greene County, MO I18363
17 Stewart, Tommy Lee  10 Oct 1941Springfield, Greene County, MO I18364
18 Testerman, Hiram Richard  27 Nov 1916Springfield, Greene County, MO I80477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Dale Oria Sr.  17 Jul 2012Springfield, Greene County, MO I57261
2 Arnold, Harold Franklin  05 Nov 1977Springfield, Greene County, MO I51351
3 Atteberry, Ira Augustus "Dick"  29 Oct 1972Springfield, Greene County, MO I51180
4 Baker, Charles Thomas  1955Springfield, Greene County, MO I2304
5 Bartlett, Harrison Floyd  25 Sep 1956Springfield, Greene County, MO I51177
6 Bisbee, Loretta Emily  03 Mar 2013Springfield, Greene County, MO I68492
7 Blevins, Frank Clark  09 Oct 1926Springfield, Greene County, MO I59810
8 Blue, Bessie May  07 Jun 1986Springfield, Greene County, MO I7308
9 Bonner, Lawrence Lee  15 Apr 1974Springfield, Greene County, MO I00450
10 Bradley, Cora Tenessee  20 Jul 2012Springfield, Greene County, MO I51435
11 Brumley, John Leonard  06 Mar 1995Springfield, Greene County, MO I18198
12 Butler, Ruth Virginia  19 Feb 2008Springfield, Greene County, MO I55099
13 Cassell, Sarah  23 Sep 1906Springfield, Greene County, MO I25421
14 Caudron, Betty Jane  20 Mar 2014Springfield, Greene County, MO I65246
15 Conaway, Hazel Dee  21 Feb 2012Springfield, Greene County, MO I11068
16 Cox, Jesse Napoleon  8 Jan 1863Springfield, Greene County, MO I1848
17 Crouch, Philip Andrew Rev.  20 Jan 2005Springfield, Greene County, MO I11069
18 Cutbirth, Gladys  28 Oct 1997Springfield, Greene County, MO I18199
19 Delp, Joseph Daniel  18 Dec 1946Springfield, Greene County, MO I1031
20 Farthing, Clell R.  08 Jun 1995Springfield, Greene County, MO I18321
21 Farthing, Fred Robert  04 May 1971Springfield, Greene County, MO I18173
22 Finley, George F.  5 Nov 1996Springfield, Greene County, MO I0951
23 Forbes, Hazel M.  15 Oct 1988Springfield, Greene County, MO I84715
24 Fugate, Elmer Martin  24 Feb 1943Springfield, Greene County, MO I7566
25 Galloway, William Howard  16 Jul 2007Springfield, Greene County, MO I80102
26 Garrison, Everett Haley  20 Aug 1972Springfield, Greene County, MO I18125
27 Garrison, Fred Gerald  05 Apr 1999Springfield, Greene County, MO I18207
28 Garrison, James C.  10 Dec 1862Springfield, Greene County, MO I0086
29 Garrison, King Jr.  13 Apr 1978Springfield, Greene County, MO I4124
30 Garrison, Phyllis June  15 Jul 1977Springfield, Greene County, MO I18216
31 Garrison, Wendell Lee  10 Aug 2005Springfield, Greene County, MO I18209
32 Gaulding, Baxter  6 Jan 1972Springfield, Greene County, MO I2314
33 Haas, Betty Jane  22 May 2013Springfield, Greene County, MO I79976
34 Hackler, Wendell L.  15 Dec 2000Springfield, Greene County, MO I6925
35 Hall, Lillie Inez  09 Jul 1982Springfield, Greene County, MO I51327
36 Hanks, Tolitha Jane  01 Jan 1963Springfield, Greene County, MO I18122
37 Harmon, Hughie Treelownie  28 Sep 1977Springfield, Greene County, MO I7314
38 Harrell, Jewell Cardelia  21 Jan 1999Springfield, Greene County, MO I4106
39 Harrell, Lee Roy  06 Mar 1972Springfield, Greene County, MO I4138
40 Harrell, Mamie Jewell  10 May 2000Springfield, Greene County, MO I4142
41 Harrell, Mildred May  17 Aug 1980Springfield, Greene County, MO I4139
42 Hawkins, Bitha Lee  17 Jun 1999Springfield, Greene County, MO I51296
43 Hays, Jessie A.  02 Mar 1928Springfield, Greene County, MO I32682
44 Herrell, Harvey H.  23 May 1973Springfield, Greene County, MO I51928
45 Hurst, Thomas W.  18 Oct 1888Springfield, Greene County, MO I25456
46 Johnson, Sylvia Arlene  22 Sep 2000Springfield, Greene County, MO I51256
47 Kavanaugh, Mary Ruth  14 Jan 2008Springfield, Greene County, MO I66489
48 King, Ivan Burl  Dec 1986Springfield, Greene County, MO I13046
49 King, Maurice Allen  10 Dec 1984Springfield, Greene County, MO I68491
50 Kyle, Diana  17 Nov 1862Springfield, Greene County, MO I0077

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Britain / Garrison  13 Jun 1890Springfield, Greene County, MO F0533
2 Farthing / Trimble  16 Nov 1935Springfield, Greene County, MO F7766
3 Fox / Minnick  07 Mar 1936Springfield, Greene County, MO F29456
4 Lo / Simmons  3 Dec 1878Springfield, Greene County, MO F0738
5 Simmons / Lewis  12 Aug 1886Springfield, Greene County, MO F0744
6 Simmons / Roseina  5 Jul 1901Springfield, Greene County, MO F0742
7 Stephens / Simmons  1 Jan 1872Springfield, Greene County, MO F0708
8 Stewart / Parsons  17 Oct 1964Springfield, Greene County, MO F7828
9 Stewart / Pitts  19 Jul 1969Springfield, Greene County, MO F5091
10 White / Holmes  21 May 1871Springfield, Greene County, MO F0693

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