Smith and Bonner Family History

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Spartanburg County, SC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bonner, Beulah  3 Dec 1884Spartanburg County, SC I00943
2 Bonner, C. Kenneth  1935Spartanburg County, SC I04779
3 Bonner, Charles Clarence  14 Feb 1893Spartanburg County, SC I00525
4 Bonner, Eva M.  1909Spartanburg County, SC I11948
5 Bonner, Hoyt D.  1908Spartanburg County, SC I03303
6 Bonner, Hugh  27 May 1916Spartanburg County, SC I04781
7 Bonner, Infant Daughter  1937Spartanburg County, SC I04780
8 Bonner, Leila Edith  21 Jan 1884Spartanburg County, SC I11983
9 Bonner, Nancy Sarah Ann  23 Apr 1823Spartanburg County, SC I00221
10 Camp, Adam S. Jr.  15 Feb 1850Spartanburg County, SC I00424
11 Clary, William D.  26 Jul 1825Spartanburg County, SC I11851
12 Covington, George W.  1843Spartanburg County, SC I11895
13 Covington, John W.  11 Nov 1845Spartanburg County, SC I11896
14 Cudd, James R.  2 Aug 1868Spartanburg County, SC I11915
15 Ezell, Elizabeth  1841Spartanburg County, SC I02646
16 Ezell, Lillian Louise  21 Dec 1911Spartanburg County, SC I11885
17 Ezell, Nancy Elizabeth  ABT. 1841Spartanburg County, SC I02638
18 Henderson, William Andrew  1886Spartanburg County, SC I11890
19 Henson, Rachel Anna  23 Jul 1864Spartanburg County, SC I1184
20 Irwin, William Pinckney Jr.  6 Sep 1887Spartanburg County, SC I02163
21 Jolly, Flora Clementine  23 Dec 1882Spartanburg County, SC I11883
22 Linder, Andrew J.  1847Spartanburg County, SC I11943
23 Linder, Lee  20 Sep 1841Spartanburg County, SC I04622
24 Linder, Louisannia  1850Spartanburg County, SC I11944
25 Linder, Mary A.  1843Spartanburg County, SC I11942
26 Linder, Thomas Jefferson "T.J."  27 Aug 1845Spartanburg County, SC I04623
27 Lipscomb, Dolly  22 Aug 1813Spartanburg County, SC I05518
28 Littlejohn, Selma Ophelia  17 Jul 1877Spartanburg County, SC I00530
29 Martin, Doctor J. V.  1840Spartanburg County, SC I02636
30 Martin, Dorothy Emily  13 Mar 1886Spartanburg County, SC I11902
31 Martin, Florence Elizabeth  14 Dec 1862Spartanburg County, SC I11898
32 Martin, Haseltine  1836Spartanburg County, SC I01083
33 Martin, Jane K.  30 Jan 1823Spartanburg County, SC I01078
34 Martin, Jesse Greene  17 May 1859Spartanburg County, SC I11897
35 Martin, Joseph Greene Willis  2 Apr 1825Spartanburg County, SC I02637
36 Martin, Joseph Willis  2 Apr 1825Spartanburg County, SC I00744
37 Martin, Louisa "Eliza"  13 Jun 1829Spartanburg County, SC I01081
38 Martin, Mary "Polly"  1826Spartanburg County, SC I01077
39 Martin, Mary Jane  21 Oct 1865Spartanburg County, SC I11899
40 Martin, Nancy Lucinda Amanda  11 Jun 1833Spartanburg County, SC I01080
41 Martin, Parentha Mitchell "Mitchie"  18 Apr 1827Spartanburg County, SC I01079
42 Martin, Sarah "Sallie"  1832Spartanburg County, SC I01082
43 Martin, Thomas W.  May 1838Spartanburg County, SC I01084
44 Martin, William Henry  29 Dec 1866Spartanburg County, SC I11882
45 McKelvey, Ada "Addie"  1866Spartanburg County, SC I11868
46 McKelvey, Lou Ella  1 Jan 1861Spartanburg County, SC I11865
47 McKelvey, Robert Arnold  30 Dec 1850Spartanburg County, SC I11860
48 Potter, Edward Eugne  3 Jul 1915Spartanburg County, SC I04632
49 Potter, Mary Francis  1 Nov 1912Spartanburg County, SC I04631
50 Potter, Orelia  20 Dec 1909Spartanburg County, SC I04629

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bonner, Andrew Bryant "Andy"  16 Dec 1884Spartanburg County, SC I00944
2 Bonner, Andrew Jackson (Rev.)  29 Aug 1923Spartanburg County, SC I00264
3 Bonner, Beulah  20 Jul 1886Spartanburg County, SC I00943
4 Bonner, C. Kenneth  1935Spartanburg County, SC I04779
5 Bonner, Carl Moses  20 Mar 1932Spartanburg County, SC I00641
6 Bonner, Charles Clarence  16 Jun 1973Spartanburg County, SC I00525
7 Bonner, Doris  18 Jan 1989Spartanburg County, SC I04592
8 Bonner, Hugh  28 Nov 1975Spartanburg County, SC I04781
9 Bonner, Infant Daughter  1937Spartanburg County, SC I04780
10 Bonner, James R.  27 Mar 1957Spartanburg County, SC I00549
11 Bonner, Jane Turner  1855Spartanburg County, SC I00577
12 Bonner, John "Calvin"  19 May 1888Spartanburg County, SC I00265
13 Bonner, Kathleen  27 Feb 2004Spartanburg County, SC I04619
14 Bonner, Mary  17 Feb 1956Spartanburg County, SC I00522
15 Bonner, Mary Emma  12 Apr 1956Spartanburg County, SC I00939
16 Bonner, Mason Nathaniel  27 Sep 1971Spartanburg County, SC I00524
17 Bonner, Miriam  1 Jun 2000Spartanburg County, SC I04603
18 Bonner, Virginia Ophelia "Virgie"  13 Nov 1995Spartanburg County, SC I00645
19 Bonner, William Thomas "Billy" (Dr.)  30 Oct 1989Spartanburg County, SC I04605
20 Burnett, James Russell  16 Oct 1982Spartanburg County, SC I04604
21 Camp, Adam S. Jr.  10 Aug 1876Spartanburg County, SC I00424
22 Cash, Alfred Melton  17 Aug 1955Spartanburg County, SC I11888
23 Cash, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  30 Oct 1965Spartanburg County, SC I11893
24 Cash, Tolley  6 Nov 1979Spartanburg County, SC I11864
25 Foster, James  1863Spartanburg County, SC I00542
26 Goodson, Elmer T.  16 Feb 1988Spartanburg County, SC I04620
27 Green, Sarah  2 Mar 1911Spartanburg County, SC I58961
28 Hall, Elizabeth Ragland  31 Oct 1843Spartanburg County, SC I04970
29 Henderson, William Andrew  10 Oct 1955Spartanburg County, SC I11890
30 Hines, Dovie  1 Feb 1956Spartanburg County, SC I03254
31 Irwin, Elizabeth Anne  9 Apr 2007Spartanburg County, SC I57983
32 Irwin, William Pinckney Jr.  27 Feb 1927Spartanburg County, SC I02163
33 Jolly, Flora Clementine  4 Jan 1964Spartanburg County, SC I11883
34 Lawter, Penolia  4 Jan 1997Spartanburg County, SC I04782
35 Lipscomb, Dolly  25 Jul 1877Spartanburg County, SC I05518
36 Mabry, Viola  28 Jan 1994Spartanburg County, SC I04595
37 Martin, Benson Bonner "B. B."  9 Jul 1918Spartanburg County, SC I02642
38 Martin, Cornelius Benson  2 Dec 1951Spartanburg County, SC I04581
39 Martin, Fannie Perch  8 Jan 1931Spartanburg County, SC I00938
40 Martin, Florence Elizabeth  19 Sep 1929Spartanburg County, SC I11898
41 Martin, Haseltine  1854Spartanburg County, SC I01083
42 Martin, Jeremiah M.  5 Aug 1857Spartanburg County, SC I00253
43 Martin, Sarah "Sallie"  6 Dec 1865Spartanburg County, SC I01082
44 Martin, William M. "Billy"  19 Jan 1874Spartanburg County, SC I00743
45 McKelvey, Jabez James "Jabe"  BET. 1866 - 1870Spartanburg County, SC I01090
46 Oliphant, James Chesley  30 Sep 1978Spartanburg County, SC I04593
47 Orr, T. J.  5 Dec 2005Spartanburg County, SC I04628
48 Potter, Edward Eugne  1 Feb 1920Spartanburg County, SC I04632
49 Potter, Edward Nathaniel  18 Jun 1944Spartanburg County, SC I00940
50 Potter, Mary Francis  27 Dec 1919Spartanburg County, SC I04631

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Martin / Dobbins  1868Spartanburg County, SC F0429
2 Martin / Ezell  9 May 1934Spartanburg County, SC F4284
3 Wheeler / McMakin  Aug 1814Spartanburg County, SC F020

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