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Morganfield, Union County, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abell, Grigg Nathan  02 Aug 1931Morganfield, Union County, KY I67833
2 Abell, John Robert  02 Dec 1913Morganfield, Union County, KY I67802
3 Abell, Zedock "Zed"  07 Apr 1895Morganfield, Union County, KY I67765
4 Abell, Zedock "Zed" Jr.  04 Nov 1935Morganfield, Union County, KY I67835
5 Alvey, Emma Louise  01 Nov 1893Morganfield, Union County, KY I66388
6 Bolds, Louis David  04 Mar 1926Morganfield, Union County, KY I66943
7 Bolds, William Stronie  12 Dec 1889Morganfield, Union County, KY I66874
8 Brands, Mary Magdline  18 Sep 1913Morganfield, Union County, KY I67691
9 Branham, Wilson Robert  30 May 1884Morganfield, Union County, KY I68201
10 Brisby, Dyer C.  09 Jun 1887Morganfield, Union County, KY I66723
11 Buckman, Mary Virginia  30 Nov 1917Morganfield, Union County, KY I68541
12 Cox, Charles Glenn  01 Aug 1932Morganfield, Union County, KY I76023
13 Culver, Cordie C.  27 Jun 1875Morganfield, Union County, KY I66746
14 Dyer, Bernice Jean  21 Oct 1927Morganfield, Union County, KY I66445
15 Dyer, Buel Aloysuis  29 Nov 1931Morganfield, Union County, KY I66448
16 Dyer, Helen  12 Oct 1914Morganfield, Union County, KY I66389
17 Dyer, Joseph Edward "Eddie"  07 Oct 1931Morganfield, Union County, KY I66395
18 Dyer, JosephJames Nathan Albertus  06 Aug 1897Morganfield, Union County, KY I66368
19 Dyer, Marion Francis  18 Aug 1914Morganfield, Union County, KY I66376
20 Dyer, William Richard  17 Sep 1927Morganfield, Union County, KY I66440
21 Griggs, John William  28 Aug 1901Morganfield, Union County, KY I67854
22 Griggs, Lavina  24 Feb 1900Morganfield, Union County, KY I67938
23 Griggs, Lucille  15 Apr 1906Morganfield, Union County, KY I67188
24 Griggs, Milton Young Jr.  28 Jun 1936Morganfield, Union County, KY I67860
25 Harrell, Addison Young  08 Mar 1872Morganfield, Union County, KY I35607
26 Harrell, Fannie Martha  27 May 1860Morganfield, Union County, KY I35687
27 King, John Hudson  25 Jul 1890Morganfield, Union County, KY I66378
28 Lilly, Elizabeth  20 Jan 1931Morganfield, Union County, KY I76021
29 Lilly, Robert Young Sr.  21 May 1922Morganfield, Union County, KY I76019
30 Lilly, Thomas Price Sr.  08 Mar 1895Morganfield, Union County, KY I76010
31 Lilly, Thomas Price Jr.  22 Sep 1924Morganfield, Union County, KY I76020
32 Lloyd, Mary Ann  31 Mar 1909Morganfield, Union County, KY I67908
33 Markham, Frank Reed  26 Apr 1912Morganfield, Union County, KY I66759
34 Mason, Anna Mae  14 Mar 1910Morganfield, Union County, KY I67856
35 Morgan, William Taylor  13 Sep 1835Morganfield, Union County, KY I21107
36 Nalley, JoAnn  18 Dec 1942Morganfield, Union County, KY I68215
37 Peters, Catharine  1808Morganfield, Union County, KY I67707
38 Scott, Wynema Barbara  31 Dec 1924Morganfield, Union County, KY I67651
39 Shanks, Mabel Louise  16 Feb 1918Morganfield, Union County, KY I67847
40 Thornton, Sarah Virginia  14 Dec 1909Morganfield, Union County, KY I67110
41 Waller, Roy Liston  05 Aug 1916Morganfield, Union County, KY I76017
42 Young, Addie Forman  03 Nov 1896Morganfield, Union County, KY I76009
43 Young, Alice Berry  26 Feb 1919Morganfield, Union County, KY I76013
44 Young, Arabella "Belle"  30 Oct 1852Morganfield, Union County, KY I35606
45 Young, Margaret Elizabeth  10 Oct 1915Morganfield, Union County, KY I76012
46 Young, Mary C.  1874Morganfield, Union County, KY I76003
47 Young, Nancy H.  20 Aug 1921Morganfield, Union County, KY I76014
48 Young, Odie Harrel  15 Jan 1884Morganfield, Union County, KY I76004
49 Young, Robert Waller  24 Oct 1890Morganfield, Union County, KY I76008
50 Young, Thomas Brown Jr.  Nov 1871Morganfield, Union County, KY I76002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alvey, Emma Louise  14 Jan 1981Morganfield, Union County, KY I66388
2 Berry, Alice B.  01 Apr 1994Morganfield, Union County, KY I76011
3 Blanford, Mary Freda  01 May 1999Morganfield, Union County, KY I67281
4 Bolds, Joseph Edward  11 Sep 1979Morganfield, Union County, KY I66923
5 Bolds, Mary Evelyn  09 Apr 2001Morganfield, Union County, KY I66938
6 Bolds, William Porter  19 May 1974Morganfield, Union County, KY I66939
7 Bolds, William Stronie  03 Aug 1980Morganfield, Union County, KY I66874
8 Brown, Mary Lucinda  01 Jan 1947Morganfield, Union County, KY I66366
9 Buckman, Audrey Elizabeth "Dot"  03 Mar 2008Morganfield, Union County, KY I68520
10 Buckman, Ervin Johnson  02 Mar 1962Morganfield, Union County, KY I68507
11 Cecil, Clara Margaret  09 Dec 1999Morganfield, Union County, KY I66357
12 Cecil, Roland Edward Jr.  15 Apr 1971Morganfield, Union County, KY I66355
13 Cheatham, Joseph Clinton  31 Jan 1993Morganfield, Union County, KY I67388
14 Clark, Lucien Arthur  27 Aug 1947Morganfield, Union County, KY I66436
15 Cox, Charles Glenn  18 Sep 2009Morganfield, Union County, KY I76023
16 Cruz, John Bernard  Nov 1975Morganfield, Union County, KY I66456
17 Davis, Dorothy Dalton  29 Apr 1968Morganfield, Union County, KY I63661
18 Dyer, Anna Norine  23 Mar 1961Morganfield, Union County, KY I66375
19 Dyer, Emma Lois  17 Oct 2012Morganfield, Union County, KY I66393
20 Dyer, Frances Evelyn  11 Dec 2009Morganfield, Union County, KY I66391
21 Dyer, Helen  27 Jan 1915Morganfield, Union County, KY I66389
22 Dyer, Henrietta Elanor  08 Jan 2000Morganfield, Union County, KY I66374
23 Dyer, Richard Samuel  25 Oct 1954Morganfield, Union County, KY I66290
24 Dyer, William Harvey Sr.  12 Feb 1967Morganfield, Union County, KY I66367
25 Dyer, William Harvey Jr.  09 Jan 1995Morganfield, Union County, KY I66394
26 Fisher, Thelma Juanita  07 May 1983Morganfield, Union County, KY I67986
27 Floyd, Lucy E.  04 Jun 1901Morganfield, Union County, KY I67166
28 Fowler, Virginia L.  12 Jun 1993Morganfield, Union County, KY I67970
29 Graham, Nancy Worthington  07 Dec 1882Morganfield, Union County, KY I35597
30 Greenwell, Joseph Francis  30 Oct 1955Morganfield, Union County, KY I66457
31 Griggs, John William  16 Sep 1981Morganfield, Union County, KY I67854
32 Harrell, Fannie Martha  15 Jul 1889Morganfield, Union County, KY I35687
33 Harrell, Nancy T. "Nannie"  22 Nov 1909Morganfield, Union County, KY I35612
34 Harrell, Robert Christopher  22 Jan 1862Morganfield, Union County, KY I35599
35 Henshaw, George Callistus  13 Aug 2008Morganfield, Union County, KY I66397
36 Higgs, John Lindsey  Nov 1981Morganfield, Union County, KY I66947
37 Holeman, Ruth A.  26 Sep 1955Morganfield, Union County, KY I67437
38 Hulette, Sidney Vernon Jr.  06 Mar 1992Morganfield, Union County, KY I76015
39 Jenkins, Agnes E.  18 Mar 1981Morganfield, Union County, KY I67197
40 Kanipe, Luther Dyer  12 Nov 1992Morganfield, Union County, KY I66573
41 Kellen, Lida Lorene  08 May 2003Morganfield, Union County, KY I67352
42 Lilly, Elizabeth  28 Jan 2018Morganfield, Union County, KY I76021
43 Lilly, Thomas Price Sr.  31 May 1986Morganfield, Union County, KY I76010
44 Markham, Thomas  1861Morganfield, Union County, KY I66235
45 Markham, Thomas E.  07 Mar 1934Morganfield, Union County, KY I66740
46 Nally, Anna Virginia  28 Jan 1963Morganfield, Union County, KY I66876
47 Padgett, Sarah Ethel  12 Apr 1963Morganfield, Union County, KY I67109
48 Russelburg, Joseph Thomas  13 Jan 1973Morganfield, Union County, KY I66935
49 Sheffer, Dorothy Alberta  01 Mar 2015Morganfield, Union County, KY I67282
50 Shelton, Peggy Eloise  05 Jan 1945Morganfield, Union County, KY I66413

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Henshaw / Dyer  03 Oct 1938Morganfield, Union County, KY F23800
2 Stephenson / Reutter  20 Oct 1947Morganfield, Union County, KY F24077
3 Wolfe / Private  27 Jan 1947Morganfield, Union County, KY F24193

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