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Marion, Grant County, IN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albright, Basil George  26 Dec 1895Marion, Grant County, IN I87191
2 Boone, Wildarean Onieta  09 Sep 1903Marion, Grant County, IN I76879
3 Burgard, Christian Clyde  02 Oct 1906Marion, Grant County, IN I86749
4 Coffel, Marjorie Dalene  19 Jun 1919Marion, Grant County, IN I87044
5 Coffelt, Mildred Louise  05 Feb 1918Marion, Grant County, IN I86632
6 Coon, Charline Marjory  30 Jan 1916Marion, Grant County, IN I86881
7 Coon, Edith Pauline  23 Dec 1913Marion, Grant County, IN I86880
8 Coon, Mary Josephine  22 Jan 1899Marion, Grant County, IN I87555
9 Cunningham, Judith A.  01 Aug 1944Marion, Grant County, IN I38750
10 Darst, Dorothy Alice  23 Apr 1920Marion, Grant County, IN I38739
11 Darst, Guy Richard  22 Oct 1928Marion, Grant County, IN I38753
12 Darst, Mary Elizabeth  27 Aug 1932Marion, Grant County, IN I38754
13 Denton, Lillian Ruth  23 Jul 1920Marion, Grant County, IN I86770
14 Denton, Marjorie Leotta  24 Sep 1922Marion, Grant County, IN I86752
15 Denton, William Mark Sr.  24 May 1929Marion, Grant County, IN I86766
16 Ditsler, John Raymond  03 May 1905Marion, Grant County, IN I36193
17 Elston, Lester Vaughn  27 May 1898Marion, Grant County, IN I87623
18 Ervin, John Robert  16 Oct 1936Marion, Grant County, IN I87187
19 Ervin, Vivian Berle  19 Oct 1876Marion, Grant County, IN I87199
20 Eymer, Dorothy Ella  27 May 1920Marion, Grant County, IN I87778
21 Foreman, Bobby Laverne  13 Mar 1926Marion, Grant County, IN I86753
22 Freeman, Benjamin Franklin  04 Mar 1863Marion, Grant County, IN I76852
23 Freeman, Catherine Indiana  16 Apr 1866Marion, Grant County, IN I76800
24 Freeman, Chester Earl  28 Apr 1901Marion, Grant County, IN I76856
25 Freeman, John William  20 Feb 1898Marion, Grant County, IN I76855
26 Freeman, Kathryn Evelyn  27 Mar 1895Marion, Grant County, IN I76854
27 Freeman, Lester Merle  28 Apr 1901Marion, Grant County, IN I76859
28 Gerkin, Oscar Cornelious  22 May 1914Marion, Grant County, IN I87043
29 Graham, Althea Louise  04 Oct 1926Marion, Grant County, IN I76909
30 Graham, Beria Cynthia  28 Sep 1942Marion, Grant County, IN I76910
31 Graham, John Earl  14 Jul 1897Marion, Grant County, IN I76907
32 Graham, John Harold  11 May 1907Marion, Grant County, IN I76807
33 Graham, Loula  02 Jul 1893Marion, Grant County, IN I76905
34 Graham, Mary Frances  19 Jan 1905Marion, Grant County, IN I76806
35 Graham, Rolla F.  18 Jun 1898Marion, Grant County, IN I76804
36 Graham, Russell  25 Jul 1908Marion, Grant County, IN I62632
37 Gray, Gaynel Max  06 Jun 1925Marion, Grant County, IN I36191
38 Gunyon, Ethel Mae  21 Aug 1914Marion, Grant County, IN I37944
39 Gwynn, Mabel Marie  18 Nov 1900Marion, Grant County, IN I87793
40 Hall, Henry Edwin  29 Jan 1866Marion, Grant County, IN I87069
41 Harrell, Burrel Dean E. "Benny"  26 May 1921Marion, Grant County, IN I37888
42 Harrell, Catherine  08 Aug 1919Marion, Grant County, IN I38736
43 Harrell, Charles Eugene  23 Oct 1935Marion, Grant County, IN I86676
44 Harrell, Chloa Aleta  07 Sep 1900Marion, Grant County, IN I38719
45 Harrell, Florence Pauline  01 Apr 1905Marion, Grant County, IN I36181
46 Harrell, Frances Vontell  20 Dec 1925Marion, Grant County, IN I37890
47 Harrell, Geotha Cleo  13 Feb 1931Marion, Grant County, IN I39963
48 Harrell, Glen Eugene  30 Dec 1916Marion, Grant County, IN I36183
49 Harrell, Glen Paul  16 Apr 1924Marion, Grant County, IN I40572
50 Harrell, Glendora Juanita  01 Mar 1916Marion, Grant County, IN I38724

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albright, Basil George  05 Oct 1943Marion, Grant County, IN I87191
2 Allison, Morris Frederick  11 Aug 2005Marion, Grant County, IN I86857
3 Ancil, Nellie Lucille  03 Aug 1992Marion, Grant County, IN I40612
4 Billington, Columbus Wilson  06 Dec 1928Marion, Grant County, IN I62597
5 Billington, Nancy Ellen  09 Oct 1942Marion, Grant County, IN I37968
6 Billington, William  Dec 1896Marion, Grant County, IN I62593
7 Bishop, Blanche Marie  30 Jan 1927Marion, Grant County, IN I26226
8 Bitzel, Clova Jenevan  13 Feb 1968Marion, Grant County, IN I86628
9 Borders, Edgar Everett  01 Dec 1994Marion, Grant County, IN I86638
10 Brane, Ida Leonia  06 Dec 1964Marion, Grant County, IN I87026
11 Broughman, Colonel Ellsworth  Jun 1945Marion, Grant County, IN I88185
12 Brown, Margaret Anna  23 Nov 1918Marion, Grant County, IN I87119
13 Burgard, Christian Clyde  29 Nov 1974Marion, Grant County, IN I86749
14 Burnworth, Charles Leroy  11 Jul 1932Marion, Grant County, IN I86726
15 Burnworth, Clayton Lloyd  24 Mar 1995Marion, Grant County, IN I86728
16 Burnworth, Zelma Lucille  18 Sep 1990Marion, Grant County, IN I86727
17 Butcher, Veneer Golden  13 Jun 1980Marion, Grant County, IN I87832
18 Carmichael, James Edward  06 Nov 2006Marion, Grant County, IN I38752
19 Castator, James Russell "Jim"  17 Jul 2007Marion, Grant County, IN I39484
20 Certain, Fred  18 Sep 1928Marion, Grant County, IN I87002
21 Click, Dorothea Madgelene  17 Oct 2004Marion, Grant County, IN I78671
22 Coak, Francis "Frank"  14 Feb 1938Marion, Grant County, IN I87740
23 Compton, Flora Naomi  Oct 1982Marion, Grant County, IN I37891
24 Cook, Alfred  18 Mar 1929Marion, Grant County, IN I86781
25 Coon, Evelyn G.  07 Jan 1934Marion, Grant County, IN I60142
26 Coon, John J.  29 Jul 1936Marion, Grant County, IN I37641
27 Coon, Roy Fulton  05 Dec 1974Marion, Grant County, IN I86922
28 Coon, Sherman  10 Sep 1969Marion, Grant County, IN I86891
29 Cummings, Bonita Pearl  18 Feb 1994Marion, Grant County, IN I86729
30 Cunningham, Judith A.  21 Feb 2002Marion, Grant County, IN I38750
31 Cunningham, Willis R.  11 Jun 1970Marion, Grant County, IN I86848
32 Darst, Guy Richard  15 Apr 1929Marion, Grant County, IN I38753
33 Darst, Marjorie Jean  15 Jun 1994Marion, Grant County, IN I38741
34 Darst, Mary Elizabeth  27 Aug 1932Marion, Grant County, IN I38754
35 Davis, James William  02 Sep 1927Marion, Grant County, IN I62594
36 Denney, George William "Sonny"  29 Sep 1999Marion, Grant County, IN I87822
37 Denney, Junior Ray  15 Aug 1990Marion, Grant County, IN I87820
38 Denton, Bertha Cloe  04 Mar 1976Marion, Grant County, IN I37901
39 Denton, Charles Lester  17 Apr 1973Marion, Grant County, IN I86767
40 Denton, Lillian Ruth  17 Jan 1922Marion, Grant County, IN I86770
41 Denton, Mable Maisie  09 Mar 2002Marion, Grant County, IN I86748
42 Denton, Marjorie Leotta  30 Dec 2019Marion, Grant County, IN I86752
43 Denton, Paul Richard  23 Apr 1966Marion, Grant County, IN I86750
44 Detamore, Raymond Lamoine  13 Jan 1999Marion, Grant County, IN I87635
45 Dillon, Rollie  22 Feb 1939Marion, Grant County, IN I37666
46 Ditsler, John Raymond  20 Oct 1960Marion, Grant County, IN I36193
47 Douglas, Carl Hubert  25 Aug 1976Marion, Grant County, IN I38747
48 Embree, Esta  15 Mar 1989Marion, Grant County, IN I76908
49 Ervin, Estella Floy  02 Dec 1938Marion, Grant County, IN I87188
50 Ervin, George Washington  26 Jan 1901Marion, Grant County, IN I87073

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coon / Ditsler  26 May 1910Marion, Grant County, IN F33474
2 Coon / Finton  10 May 1913Marion, Grant County, IN F33142
3 Ditsler / Harrell  24 Dec 1925Marion, Grant County, IN F12023
4 Furnish / Harrell  13 Jul 1993Marion, Grant County, IN F33084
5 Harrell / Hazel  09 Jun 1909Marion, Grant County, IN F33247
6 Harrington / Silverthorn  28 Nov 1990Marion, Grant County, IN F22219
7 Rhinehart / Tompson  16 Feb 1904Marion, Grant County, IN F33389
8 Woodward / Marks  26 Jan 1944Marion, Grant County, IN F13179

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