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Madison County, IA



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brady, Millie Lola  10 Oct 1888Madison County, IA I40015
2 Fredericksen, Ella  Apr 1880Madison County, IA I40072
3 Harrell, Addison M.  11 Dec 1860Madison County, IA I36477
4 Harrell, Almyra  02 Jun 1886Madison County, IA I39998
5 Harrell, Cecil Jack "Gov"  19 Jul 1946Madison County, IA I40186
6 Harrell, Charles Galen  17 Jan 1901Madison County, IA I40004
7 Harrell, Cleveland  10 Feb 1885Madison County, IA I36494
8 Harrell, Clifford Eugene Sr.  05 Nov 1889Madison County, IA I40161
9 Harrell, Daisy Evaline  Dec 1880Madison County, IA I36514
10 Harrell, Delbert Dale  22 May 1914Madison County, IA I40163
11 Harrell, Edmund Paul  01 Apr 1913Madison County, IA I40016
12 Harrell, Effie D.  15 Jan 1874Madison County, IA I36472
13 Harrell, Elvira  Apr 1867Madison County, IA I36476
14 Harrell, Emma/Emily M.  29 Apr 1865Madison County, IA I36498
15 Harrell, Ernest Glen  14 Apr 1902Madison County, IA I40005
16 Harrell, Eva  23 Aug 1862Madison County, IA I36474
17 Harrell, Florence Ione  24 Feb 1866Madison County, IA I36499
18 Harrell, Franklin W.  18 Mar 1880Madison County, IA I36493
19 Harrell, Fred  02 Mar 1874Madison County, IA I36501
20 Harrell, James Arthur  22 Mar 1926Madison County, IA I40075
21 Harrell, John  11 Jan 1878Madison County, IA I36492
22 Harrell, Laura E.  05 Jun 1863Madison County, IA I36508
23 Harrell, Lydia O.  May 1870Madison County, IA I36500
24 Harrell, Male  04 Aug 1885Madison County, IA I36515
25 Harrell, Mary Margaret  1907Madison County, IA I40007
26 Harrell, Perry Paul  22 Aug 1920Madison County, IA I40037
27 Harrell, Robert Gail  03 May 1921Madison County, IA I40019
28 Harrell, Walter S.  16 Mar 1888Madison County, IA I40188
29 Harrell, Wilbur O.  07 Apr 1859Madison County, IA I36507
30 Harrell, William Lee  22 Mar 1899Madison County, IA I40008
31 Holmes, John W.  01 Feb 1861Madison County, IA I40202
32 Jones, Perry  29 Jan 1873Madison County, IA I39995
33 Klein, Infant  1901Madison County, IA I39950
34 Landers, Daisy Ferne  03 Jun 1898Madison County, IA I40035
35 Libby, Harold Clarence  16 Apr 1916Madison County, IA I40180
36 Smith, Edith May  24 Jul 1874Madison County, IA I40082
37 Smith, Neta May  14 Jul 1893Madison County, IA I39932


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brady, Millie Lola  24 May 1978Madison County, IA I40015
2 Campbell, Theo E.  1979Madison County, IA I40191
3 Ford, Wesley Thomas  18 Feb 1901Madison County, IA I39990
4 Fredericksen, Ella  24 Mar 1974Madison County, IA I40072
5 Harrell, Benjamin D.  17 Mar 1964Madison County, IA I39931
6 Harrell, Candice Lucia  02 Feb 1952Madison County, IA I36512
7 Harrell, Charles Galen  15 Aug 1959Madison County, IA I40004
8 Harrell, Cleveland  26 Aug 1957Madison County, IA I36494
9 Harrell, Cordelia  22 Feb 1929Madison County, IA I36511
10 Harrell, Delbert Dale  13 Apr 1978Madison County, IA I40163
11 Harrell, Effie D.  14 Jul 1897Madison County, IA I36472
12 Harrell, Elvira  12 Apr 1952Madison County, IA I36476
13 Harrell, Ernest Glen  05 Nov 1984Madison County, IA I40005
14 Harrell, Eva  27 Apr 1874Madison County, IA I36474
15 Harrell, Frances Rebecca  14 Nov 1944Madison County, IA I36469
16 Harrell, Franklin W.  10 Sep 1945Madison County, IA I36493
17 Harrell, Fred  25 Aug 1880Madison County, IA I36501
18 Harrell, Ida M.  13 May 1939Madison County, IA I36491
19 Harrell, Irene Mae  28 Jun 1912Madison County, IA I36471
20 Harrell, John  12 Mar 1894Madison County, IA I36492
21 Harrell, John F.  20 Apr 1951Madison County, IA I36513
22 Harrell, Josephus S.  25 Jul 1939Madison County, IA I36516
23 Harrell, Laura E.  26 May 1864Madison County, IA I36508
24 Harrell, Lewis William  28 Jul 1935Madison County, IA I36496
25 Harrell, Lillie Maude  17 Jul 1982Madison County, IA I40081
26 Harrell, Lydia O.  21 Aug 1956Madison County, IA I36500
27 Harrell, Margaret Mariah  24 Apr 1948Madison County, IA I36489
28 Harrell, Perry Paul  31 May 1974Madison County, IA I40037
29 Harrell, Twins  Jul 1938Madison County, IA I40804
30 Harrell, Wilbur O.  26 Oct 1861Madison County, IA I36507
31 Holmes, John W.  16 Aug 1958Madison County, IA I40202
32 Klein, Infant  01 Feb 1901Madison County, IA I39950
33 Klein, Lewis Otto  15 Nov 1927Madison County, IA I39948
34 Libby, Inez F.  08 Aug 2007Madison County, IA I40173
35 Sellers, William Arthur  23 Jan 1935Madison County, IA I40200
36 Smith, Edith May  09 Dec 1952Madison County, IA I40082
37 Smith, Neta May  09 May 1974Madison County, IA I39932
38 Spurgin, Martha Lenora  21 Feb 1957Madison County, IA I40080
39 Thrift, Charles C.  13 Nov 1933Madison County, IA I39934
40 Unknown, O. Wanda  1981Madison County, IA I40803

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