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Kirksville, Adair County, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Jacob Curtis  1956Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57245
2 Adkins, Mary Susan  20 Jun 1851Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41375
3 Adkins, Wilber William  13 Aug 1889Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57253
4 Alderton, David Franklin Sr.  19 Dec 1942Kirksville, Adair County, MO I79889
5 Callison, Ann Franeshia  10 Sep 1856Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1296
6 Callison, Betty Jane  23 Feb 1921Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57713
7 Callison, Ellen L.  20 Feb 1927Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57901
8 Callison, Inez C.  20 Mar 1896Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57708
9 Callison, James William  15 Dec 1843Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1292
10 Callison, John Dawson  09 Mar 1870Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41405
11 Callison, Julia Page  07 Nov 1921Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57899
12 Callison, Martha  28 Apr 1852Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1295
13 Callison, Robert Henry  29 Sep 1847Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1293
14 Callison, Samuel Page  11 Jan 1850Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1286
15 Callison, VandoisVaudois Glenn  12 Jul 1894Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57707
16 Callison, Virginia Lee  26 Dec 1922Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57900
17 Callison, William Massie  28 Apr 1852Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1294
18 Collop, Bessie Pearl  14 Apr 1886Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57184
19 Collop, Osa O.  1891Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57185
20 Collop, Robert Novinger Dr.  18 Sep 1923Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57322
21 Faught, Elvis C.  08 Apr 1914Kirksville, Adair County, MO I65461
22 Ford, David Edgar  09 Feb 1880Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57894
23 Harrell, Narcissa  Abt 1823Kirksville, Adair County, MO I39151
24 Ratliff, Blanche  06 Mar 1884Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45933
25 Ratliff, Henry Franklin "Frank"  28 Sep 1868Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45920
26 Ratliff, Leona Marie  20 Mar 1934Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57088
27 Ratliff, Lloyd J.  11 Oct 1887Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45934
28 Ratliff, Sarah Iowa  02 Nov 1870Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45921
29 Ratliff, Virgil Franklin  28 Jan 1907Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45925
30 Ratliff, Wesley L.  10 May 1873Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45922
31 Ratliff, Wesley Wayne  19 Aug 1911Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45926
32 Shook, Henry Clay  09 Dec 1847Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41364
33 Shook, Mary Ann  01 Sep 1844Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41362
34 Smith, Nettie  05 Jun 1886Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57933
35 Taylor, Alice Eileen (Adopted)  22 Sep 1911Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57193
36 Taylor, Garry William Dr.  26 Apr 1921Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57190
37 Taylor, Jaciel Delores  26 Dec 1928Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57191
38 Thomas, Eugene Dawson "Gene"  12 Jun 1869Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Curtis Cooper  02 Apr 1936Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57177
2 Adkins, Ellen Gertrude  12 Jun 1971Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57162
3 Adkins, Henry Morgan  23 Apr 1876Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41372
4 Adkins, Jacob Curtis  16 Oct 1956Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57245
5 Adkins, Leila Pearl  12 Jan 2000Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57236
6 Adkins, Lucy Jane  22 Sep 1874Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41376
7 Adkins, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1896Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41379
8 Alftins, Christina  29 Apr 1920Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57160
9 Callison, Albinas E.  03 Apr 1919Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41412
10 Callison, Avis E.  07 Aug 1985Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41414
11 Callison, Charity Frances  12 Jun 1903Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1287
12 Callison, Charles  23 Nov 1916Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1291
13 Callison, Eliza Jane  05 Apr 1856Kirksville, Adair County, MO I3574
14 Callison, Encinas Claire Dr.  14 Sep 1925Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41411
15 Callison, Martha  Jun 1852Kirksville, Adair County, MO I1295
16 Carner, Mamie Ethel  14 May 1969Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45938
17 Clark, Leona Belle  14 Jan 1986Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57083
18 Clark, Vera Lucille  30 Sep 1978Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45931
19 Collop, Floyd Lee  12 May 1964Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57186
20 Collop, James Henry  31 Oct 1945Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57181
21 Collop, Osa O.  1893Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57185
22 Cooper, Frank D.  30 Aug 1975Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57237
23 Epperson, William P. "Pete"  12 Dec 1899Kirksville, Adair County, MO I47694
24 Ford, David Edgar  12 Jul 1946Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57894
25 Hall, Lillie Jane  30 Nov 1934Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41429
26 Howard, Sarah Clemons  13 Sep 1971Kirksville, Adair County, MO I83349
27 Irwin, Nancy Ann  27 Apr 1899Kirksville, Adair County, MO I36725
28 John, Elmira  11 Oct 1870Kirksville, Adair County, MO I28372
29 Karnes, Lois Ruth  27 Nov 2012Kirksville, Adair County, MO I65214
30 Owings, Loren Taylor  20 Aug 1981Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57167
31 Page, Mary Anne  29 Aug 1869Kirksville, Adair County, MO I374
32 Pearson, Clare Lee  25 Jan 1980Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57192
33 Powell, Eliza Ellen "Lyda"  18 May 1925Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45980
34 Ratliff, Blanche  03 Apr 1884Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45933
35 Ratliff, David Calhoun  24 Jul 1920Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45919
36 Ratliff, David Owen  01 Nov 1911Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45935
37 Ratliff, Henry Franklin "Frank"  10 Apr 1934Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45920
38 Ratliff, Kay Leon  18 Aug 2002Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57079
39 Ratliff, Leona Marie  11 Dec 2017Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57088
40 Ratliff, Lloyd J.  26 Aug 1888Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45934
41 Ratliff, Margaret Ruth  18 Sep 1972Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45924
42 Ratliff, Roscoe Randolph  16 Sep 1942Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45939
43 Ratliff, Sarah Iowa  16 Oct 1880Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45921
44 Ratliff, Wesley L.  04 Jun 1874Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45922
45 Ratliff, Wesley Wayne  26 Apr 1986Kirksville, Adair County, MO I45926
46 Smith, Dempster Newton  26 Feb 1913Kirksville, Adair County, MO I3775
47 Stark, Robert Paul  06 May 1986Kirksville, Adair County, MO I49465
48 Taylor, Garry Clenton  26 Feb 1945Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57187
49 Thomas, Eugene Dawson "Gene"  05 May 1941Kirksville, Adair County, MO I57720
50 True, Ada E.  12 Jan 1936Kirksville, Adair County, MO I41413

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adkins / Diehl  12 May 1943Kirksville, Adair County, MO F19844
2 Adkins / Pevehouse  26 Aug 1913Kirksville, Adair County, MO F19819
3 Bragg / Taylor  05 Sep 1930Kirksville, Adair County, MO F19827
4 Collop / Novinger  08 Oct 1920Kirksville, Adair County, MO F19869
5 Gardner / Lipper  01 Aug 1948Kirksville, Adair County, MO F19766
6 Gardner / Partin  29 May 1949Kirksville, Adair County, MO F19771
7 Gardner / Ratliff  11 Jan 1922Kirksville, Adair County, MO F15445
8 Pearson / Taylor  24 Aug 1947Kirksville, Adair County, MO F19826
9 Shook / Callison  23 Oct 1844Kirksville, Adair County, MO F14568
10 Taylor / Simmons  11 Oct 1941Kirksville, Adair County, MO F19870
11 Thomas / Callison  19 Jun 1937Kirksville, Adair County, MO F20039
12 Uetz / Callison  13 May 1914Kirksville, Adair County, MO F20033

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