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Hannibal, Marion County, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Athaliah Belle  7 Jun 1906Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79720
2 Adams, Irma Maxine  10 Apr 1910Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79721
3 Beshears, Maggie D.  12 Feb 1915Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80185
4 Blackwood, Howard Thornton  1909Hannibal, Marion county, MO I79995
5 Bogue, Reuby Mae  1 Aug 1915Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79657
6 Boling, Donald Lee  28 Aug 1934Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79661
7 Boling, James Thomas "Jimmie"  10 Nov 1939Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79662
8 Boling, Virginia Carolyn  19 Jul 1929Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79658
9 Boling, William Harold Jr.  16 Oct 1930Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79660
10 Bowen, Allie Dean  10 Apr 1913Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65170
11 Bowen, Herbert Dean  17 Feb 1936Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65171
12 Carroll, Dimple Mae  7 Jul 1886Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79726
13 Dickerson, Ray Winstat  7 Jul 1879Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80206
14 Donlin, Nellie Vernie  4 Sep 1872Hannibal, Marion County, MO I82423
15 Embree, Brice Edward  21 Oct 1925Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65175
16 Embree, Carl Boyce Sr.  22 Apr 1941Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65181
17 Embree, Carol Bryon  25 Dec 1938Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65179
18 Glascock, Homer Hopson  20 Jun 1892Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80286
19 Glascock, Merle Richard  29 Mar 1914Hannibal, Marion county, MO I79968
20 Gregory, Betty Jane  10 May 1930Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79676
21 Gregory, George Roland  17 Feb 1907Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79671
22 Gregory, Homer Robert  7 Jul 1905Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79670
23 Gregory, Homer Robert Jr.  24 Jan 1929Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79675
24 Haas, Betty Jane  13 Jan 1923Hannibal, Marion county, MO I79980
25 Hansen, Raymond Austin  13 Jul 1921Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79639
26 Jackson, Helen Alexander  29 Jul 1925Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79650
27 Jackson, Mary Ruth  25 Aug 1920Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79653
28 Kilts, Ruth Arlene  10 May 1908Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79674
29 King, Gloria Carleen  23 Jul 1935Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65773
30 King, Herbert Lloyd  25 Jan 1934Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65777
31 King, Robert Boyd  21 Oct 1932Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65776
32 King, Roger Dean  23 Feb 1933Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65772
33 Lain, Virginia M.  22 Nov 1922Hannibal, Marion County, MO I68646
34 Mitchell, Betty Jean  21 Feb 1931Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79833
35 Morgan, Zetta Pearl  12 Oct 1917Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79633
36 Norman, Richard Stanley  4 Nov 1919Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79628
37 Reading, Helen M.  8 May 1901Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80311
38 Reading, John Franklin Sr.  16 Apr 1899Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80308
39 Settle, MIldred Ruth  20 Jul 1927Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79615
40 Shulse, Arden Lever Dr.  29 Apr 1876Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79714
41 Shulse, Athaliah  25 Feb 1874Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79713
42 Shulse, Ella Jane  16 Apr 1872Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79712
43 Shulse, Ida Louise  11 Aug 1911Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79727
44 Shulse, Ida May  16 Apr 1872Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79711
45 Shulse, Margaret  12 Jan 1908Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79730
46 Shulse, Mary Nancy  12 Jun 1913Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79725
47 Shulse, Nellie Lucille  8 Jul 1909Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79736
48 Stoltz, Harry Edward  4 May 1931Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65735
49 Treat, Cornelius Parker Jr.  30 Sep 1930Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80180
50 Treat, Cornelius Parker Sr.  7 Sep 1897Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80176

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bogue, Clarence Archie  31 Dec 2014Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79652
2 Bogue, Martha Ellen  3 Mar 1979Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79654
3 Bogue, Reuby Mae  10 Dec 2002Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79657
4 Boling, Harold Edward  1 Dec 2005Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79655
5 Boling, James Clay  25 Dec 1998Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79645
6 Boling, Rheuby Cleo  17 Jan 1992Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79641
7 Boling, Thomas Anderson  16 Sep 1944Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79640
8 Boling, William Harold Jr.  29 Aug 2008Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79660
9 Boling, William Harold Sr.  18 Mar 1993Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79644
10 Bowen, Allie Dean  18 Dec 1990Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65170
11 Bowen, Herbert Dean  8 Oct 2009Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65171
12 Brown, Clifford Cambell  18 Apr 1973Hannibal, Marion county, MO I79981
13 Burton, Maggie Mae  15 Apr 1949Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65754
14 Cain, Clara Louise  4 Dec 1995Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79630
15 Dowell, Ona Lee  14 Mar 1960Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79627
16 Embree, Lucille  25 Dec 1929Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65168
17 Embree, Oleta Maude  6 Nov 1996Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65169
18 Embree, Thresa B.  23 Mar 2007Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65176
19 Gentry, Virginia G. "Jennie"  20 Nov 1949Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80121
20 George, Nancy Ann  24 Nov 1925Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79710
21 Glascock, Homer Hopson  3 Jan 1976Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80286
22 Glascock, Jessie Marie  30 Dec 1978Hannibal, Marion county, MO I79956
23 Gregory, Betty Jane  11 May 1930Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79676
24 Gregory, Earley  22 Feb 1940Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79668
25 Gregory, Homer Robert  23 Aug 1957Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79670
26 Gregory, Homer Robert Jr.  16 May 1996Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79675
27 Gregory, Wallace Clinton  4 Jun 1955Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79669
28 Harreld, Margaret Montgomery "Peggy"  10 Mar 1867Hannibal, Marion County, MO I36791
29 Harris, Vivian Raye  5 Jan 2004Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79680
30 Hendrix, Laura Ellen  14 Sep 1942Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79607
31 Hendrix, Ruby Ruth  28 Jul 1981Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79795
32 Jackson, Helen Alexander  23 Dec 2016Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79650
33 Jackson, Mary Ruth  30 May 1940Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79653
34 Jackson, Russell Morris Jr.  5 Jan 2011Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79648
35 Jackson, Russell Morris Sr.  29 May 1978Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79647
36 Jenkins, James Vernon  7 Jan 2004Hannibal, Marion County, MO I76278
37 Johnson, Flora May  21 Mar 1995Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80279
38 Johnson, Grace Vivian  27 Jan 1991Hannibal, Marion County, MO I80277
39 Johnson, Nancy Melvina  21 Jun 1859Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79933
40 Keithley, Hazel Lucille  Hannibal, Marion county, MO I79976
41 Keithley, Henry Oren\Clay Bates  8 May 1937Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79972
42 Kilts, Ruth Arlene  1 Jul 1997Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79674
43 King, Marvin Boyd  23 Aug 1943Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65758
44 King, Oleta Frances  28 Dec 1989Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65760
45 King, Robert Leo  26 May 1991Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65764
46 Ledford, Raymond Charles "Ray"  5 Apr 2019Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79822
47 Long, Muriel Hope  3 Jun 2017Hannibal, Marion County, MO I76287
48 Madden, Mary G.  26 Jul 1939Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79613
49 McNeal, Lenora Maud  8 Dec 1944Hannibal, Marion County, MO I65238
50 Murphy, Earl Eugene  18 Jan 1998Hannibal, Marion County, MO I79831

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alderton / Shulse  14 Sep 1939Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29887
2 Alexander / Jackson  28 Oct 1945Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29775
3 Azdill / Cleaver  5 Feb 1907Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29817
4 Boling / Bogue  3 Jan 1922Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29778
5 Boling / McClintock  19 Apr 1930Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29783
6 Bowen / Anderson  25 Jun 1965Hannibal, Marion County, MO F23249
7 Broemmer / Boling  8 Apr 1939Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29785
8 Conn / Roland  2 Jun 1953Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29754
9 Donelson / Boling  18 Jun 1950Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29781
10 Jackson / Boling  21 Aug 1917Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29774
11 Ledford / Webb  30 Jan 1993Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29858
12 Morgan / Norman  15 Jan 1915Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29768
13 Norfolk / Houchins  11 Apr 1946Hannibal, Marion County, MO F23499
14 Norman / Roland  8 Oct 1889Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29763
15 Orr / Embree  18 Jun 1954Hannibal, Marion County, MO F23250
16 Roland / Harris  27 Jan 1946Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29790
17 Shulse / George  10 Feb 1870Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29809
18 Trigg / McEuen  28 May 1935Hannibal, Marion County, MO F29912
19 Truber / King  10 Nov 1931Hannibal, Marion County, MO F23495

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