Smith and Bonner Family History

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Fairfax County, VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Susanna  ABT. 1726Fairfax County, VA I36731
2 Cockerill, Sampson  30 Jun 1775Fairfax County, VA I26517
3 Daniels, William Stephen  1806Fairfax County, VA I26555
4 Davis, Nancy  1759Fairfax County, VA I1310
5 Dulin, Anna  3 Jun 1762Fairfax County, VA I21824
6 Dulin, Edward Jr.  6 Aug 1769Fairfax County, VA I21826
7 Dulin, Elizabeth  20 Jan 1760Fairfax County, VA I21823
8 Dulin, John  7 Nov 1771Fairfax County, VA I21827
9 Dulin, Sarah "Sally"  13 Mar 1765Fairfax County, VA I21825
10 Dulin, William  5 Jul 1757Fairfax County, VA I21822
11 Edwards, Mildred "Millie"  1782Fairfax County, VA I26186
12 Fenley, Jennett M.  1795Fairfax County, VA I21819
13 Fenley, John Bayne  1796Fairfax County, VA I26014
14 Fenley, John Wesley  27 Feb 1800Fairfax County, VA I21820
15 Fenley, William Michael  16 Feb 1791Fairfax County, VA I21818
16 Ferguson, Judith  ABT. 1747Fairfax County, VA I35449
17 Fling, Rupa  ABT. 1796Fairfax County, VA I26845
18 Follin, Edward  ABT. 1759Fairfax County, VA I27074
19 Follin, Hannah  BET. 1758 - 1765Fairfax County, VA I27073
20 Follin, Samuel  Fairfax County, VA I27137
21 Follin, Sarah  1773Fairfax County, VA I27077
22 Follin, William  ABT. 1763Fairfax County, VA I27072
23 Gunnell, John  1742Fairfax County, VA I46558
24 Gunnell, Mary  ABT. 1746Fairfax County, VA I14152
25 Gunnell, Sarah W.  1796Fairfax County, VA I26565
26 Harl, Edward  ABT. 1788Fairfax County, VA I31648
27 Harl, William  1786Fairfax County, VA I31652
28 Harle, Frances  1741Fairfax County, VA I31640
29 Harle, John  ABT. 1784Fairfax County, VA I31644
30 Harle, John (Orphan John) III  1740Fairfax County, VA I31639
31 Hedges, Mary Poithress  11 Dec 1788Fairfax County, VA I26524
32 Howell, Margaret  4 Feb 1761Fairfax County, VA I34175
33 Hurst, Bathsheba  ABT. 1740Fairfax County, VA I04415
34 Hurst, Catherine  ABT. 1776Fairfax County, VA I25977
35 Hurst, Catherine G.  17 Nov 1802Fairfax County, VA I26551
36 Hurst, Elizabeth  Fairfax County, VA I04417
37 Hurst, Elizabeth "Betty"  ABT. 1780Fairfax County, VA I25980
38 Hurst, Frances "Fanny"  1784Fairfax County, VA I32442
39 Hurst, Hannah  15 Apr 1791Fairfax County, VA I25979
40 Hurst, Henry Gunnell  ABT. 1769Fairfax County, VA I23012
41 Hurst, James H.  16 Jun 1744Fairfax County, VA I04388
42 Hurst, James Jr.  9 Jan 1784Fairfax County, VA I25975
43 Hurst, Jane  ABT. 1752Fairfax County, VA I04414
44 Hurst, John  3 Oct 1766Fairfax County, VA I25982
45 Hurst, Mary Ann  ABT. 1742Fairfax County, VA I04387
46 Hurst, Mildred Amelia  13 Oct 1788Fairfax County, VA I25981
47 Hurst, Nancy  1 Nov 1759Fairfax County, VA I04506
48 Hurst, Nancy  ABT. 1768Fairfax County, VA I26532
49 Hurst, Sarah "Sally"  ABT. 1778Fairfax County, VA I27101
50 Hurst, Susannah  1769Fairfax County, VA I04418

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 1783, Probably the John living with a Sarah in  ABT. 1785Fairfax County, VA I31785
2 Barker, Mary  13 Dec 1863Fairfax County, VA I27068
3 Cockerill, Sampson  22 Feb 1791Fairfax County, VA I26517
4 Cook, Elsie Mae  14 Jul 2005Fairfax County, VA I84881
5 Dell'Aria, Paul Salvatore  29 Mar 1996Fairfax County, VA I03613
6 Dulin, Anna  BEF. 1849Fairfax County, VA I21824
7 Dulin, John  1855Fairfax County, VA I21827
8 Dulin, Sarah "Sally"  Mar 1813Fairfax County, VA I21825
9 Fenley, John Bayne  28 Jan 1809Fairfax County, VA I21816
10 Furr, Patricia Ann  3 Feb 1995Fairfax County, VA I56492
11 Gianiny, James Everett  3 Nov 2012Fairfax County, VA I46415
12 Gunnell, John  1800Fairfax County, VA I46558
13 Harle, Baldwin I  1769Fairfax County, VA I31745
14 Harle, Sarah  ABT. 1784Fairfax County, VA I31635
15 Hurst, James  18 Nov 1766Fairfax County, VA I04279
16 Hurst, John "of Fairfax"  26 Apr 1789Fairfax County, VA I04378
17 Hurst, Sarah  31 May 1800Fairfax County, VA I04386
18 Marshall, James  9 Aug 1815Fairfax County, VA I21821
19 Middleton, John  ABT. 1750Fairfax County, VA I1122
20 Montague, Katherine Sidney  29 Dec 2006Fairfax County, VA I70733
21 Montgomery, Bette Mason  9 Apr 1990Fairfax County, VA I46433
22 Moore, Ethel  ABT. 1769Fairfax County, VA I31746
23 Moxley, Sybil  AFT. 1789Fairfax County, VA I04385
24 Pearson, Simon  16 Apr 1798Fairfax County, VA I27093
25 Powell, Joseph  ABT. 1815Fairfax County, VA I26489
26 Richards, Henry  Fairfax County, VA I26522
27 Sandford, Catherine  19 May 1813Fairfax County, VA I27067
28 Shepherd, Philip Overton III  23 Mar 1999Fairfax County, VA I56503
29 Smith, Howard Hunt  19 Mar 1992Fairfax County, VA I41519
30 Summers, Elizabeth  1745Fairfax County, VA I04384
31 Summers, John  4 Dec 1790Fairfax County, VA I04390
32 Summers, Simon  Oct 1822Fairfax County, VA I26466
33 Summers, Susannah  1825Fairfax County, VA I26456
34 Thomas, Hallie Snow  20 Jan 1972Fairfax County, VA I46049
35 Unknown, Sarah "Sally"  1846Fairfax County, VA I26499
36 White, Elizabeth  AFT. 1815Fairfax County, VA I21817


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dulin / Hedges  14 Sep 1809Fairfax County, VA F08981
2 Dulin / Hurst  1756Fairfax County, VA F02039
3 Dulin / Smith  16 Mar 1792Fairfax County, VA F08980
4 Fenley / Hurst  20 Jun 1785Fairfax County, VA F07454
5 Floyd / Hurst  1757Fairfax County, VA F02042
6 Follin / Sandford  17 Dec 1787Fairfax County, VA F09128
7 Harrell / Bozatta\Bazata  2 Mar 1923Fairfax County, VA F11720
8 Heflin / Hickerson  20 Oct 1801Fairfax County, VA F09543
9 Horseman / "Mima"Marshall  ABT. 1818Fairfax County, VA F09099
10 Hurst / O'Daniel  ABT. 1788Fairfax County, VA F08984
11 Lane / Thrift  May 1791Fairfax County, VA F08926
12 Latimer / Marshall  ABT. 1806Fairfax County, VA F09213
13 Latimer / Marshall  1806Fairfax County, VA F09056
14 Lewis / Ferguson  29 Jul 1764Fairfax County, VA F11800
15 Marshall / White  ABT. 1783Fairfax County, VA F07456
16 Powell / Summers  1803Fairfax County, VA F08974
17 Richards / Dulin  ABT. 1778Fairfax County, VA F08979
18 Savage / Rea  4 Sep 1936Fairfax County, VA F32662
19 Summers / Dulin  12 Feb 1778Fairfax County, VA F08964
20 Sutherland / Jerkins  12 Nov 1954Fairfax County, VA F26297
21 Taylor / Mandley  11 May 1745Fairfax County, VA F434
22 Thrift / Hurst  10 Mar 1787Fairfax County, VA F02055
23 Williams / Hurst  20 Mar 1787Fairfax County, VA F02053

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