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Columbia, Adair County, KY



Latitude: 37.1028410, Longitude: -85.3063504


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burton, Bettie K.  08 Mar 1852Columbia, Adair County, KY I41181
2 Cabbell, Emery Edgar  07 Sep 1865Columbia, Adair County, KY I47820
3 Cabbell, Herschel Franklin  10 Jun 1862Columbia, Adair County, KY I47819
4 Caldwell, David L.  07 Jun 1928Columbia, Adair County, KY I56136
5 Callison, John Dawson  19 Sep 1805Columbia, Adair County, KY I605
6 Coffey, John Brawner  19 Jun 1869Columbia, Adair County, KY I41174
7 Coffey, Margaret D.  26 Mar 1908Columbia, Adair County, KY I41170
8 Coffey, Robert Graves  27 Aug 1872Columbia, Adair County, KY I41175
9 Coffey, Sophia  01 Dec 1877Columbia, Adair County, KY I41176
10 Coffey, Virginia Wheat  06 Oct 1898Columbia, Adair County, KY I41171
11 Conover, Emily Luvenia  1853Columbia, Adair County, KY I62546
12 Edrington, Benjamin Leslie  27 Feb 1812Columbia, Adair County, KY I46799
13 Edrington, Lilbon Anderson  05 Aug 1816Columbia, Adair County, KY I46819
14 Feese, James Conover  07 Mar 1856Columbia, Adair County, KY I62553
15 Fields, Ann Elizabeth  12 Feb 1848Columbia, Adair County, KY I41188
16 Grant, Gertrude  24 Dec 1907Columbia, Adair County, KY I48485
17 Harmon, Marion Franklin Rev.  25 Nov 1861Columbia, Adair County, KY I62500
18 Holladay, Anderson  01 Apr 1848Columbia, Adair County, KY I62433
19 Marhsall, Yvonne  06 Dec 1927Columbia, Adair County, KY I84531
20 Miller, Joseph Zachariah  23 Aug 1834Columbia, Adair County, KY I47781
21 Moran, Elizabeth "Bettie"  18 Nov 1878Columbia, Adair County, KY I68561
22 Morrison, Mary Elizabeth "Tootsie"  01 Feb 1917Columbia, Adair County, KY I68626
23 Morrison, Montrey Helen  06 Nov 1923Columbia, Adair County, KY I68629
24 Morrison, Oliver Hopson  15 Dec 1860Columbia, Adair County, KY I68618
25 Morrison, Raymond Hopson  27 Mar 1919Columbia, Adair County, KY I68627
26 Morrison, Winston Deveshier  18 May 1921Columbia, Adair County, KY I68628
27 Page, Carrie Owens  13 Dec 1884Columbia, Adair County, KY I41183
28 Page, Forest Elijah  19 Sep 1876Columbia, Adair County, KY I41190
29 Page, George S.  13 May 1880Columbia, Adair County, KY I41192
30 Page, John Nicholas  25 Mar 1835Columbia, Adair County, KY I842
31 Page, Joseph Coffey  09 Sep 1885Columbia, Adair County, KY I56093
32 Page, Lula  20 Jun 1873Columbia, Adair County, KY I41189
33 Page, Nell Virginia  Dec 1889Columbia, Adair County, KY I56090
34 Page, William Washington  13 May 1880Columbia, Adair County, KY I41191
35 Waggener, Edmund Pendleton  Aft 1831Columbia, Adair County, KY I1339
36 Waggener, Ellen Montgomery  14 Mar 1857Columbia, Adair County, KY I1321
37 Wheat, Samuel Reed  26 Apr 1884Columbia, Adair County, KY I41203
38 Wilson, Cora  20 Oct 1873Columbia, Adair County, KY I56692
39 Wilson, Thomas T.  1845Columbia, Adair County, KY I56688


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brawner, Mary Sophia  01 May 1875Columbia, Adair County, KY I602
2 Cable, Grace Margaret  07 Jul 2002Columbia, Adair County, KY I65939
3 Clemmons, Ethel Lee  12 Jan 1997Columbia, Adair County, KY I65930
4 Coffey, George M.  16 Jan 1944Columbia, Adair County, KY I41163
5 Coffey, Lewis Smith  31 Oct 1984Columbia, Adair County, KY I41167
6 Coffey, Robert Graves  09 May 1908Columbia, Adair County, KY I41175
7 Coffey, Sophia  27 Apr 1893Columbia, Adair County, KY I41176
8 Conover, Emily Luvenia  1880Columbia, Adair County, KY I62546
9 Conover, Wyatt Rogers  08 Mar 1950Columbia, Adair County, KY I84522
10 Davis, Lucy  08 Feb 1832Columbia, Adair County, KY I325
11 Epperson, Albert M. "Bert"  23 Jul 1927Columbia, Adair County, KY I47705
12 Epperson, George J.  17 Jun 1942Columbia, Adair County, KY I84462
13 Epperson, Thomas Jefferson  09 Apr 1927Columbia, Adair County, KY I47702
14 Feese, James Conover  14 Jun 1930Columbia, Adair County, KY I62553
15 Harmon, Carrie May  15 Nov 1969Columbia, Adair County, KY I62505
16 Harrison, Fannie  05 May 1946Columbia, Adair County, KY I41177
17 Holladay, Lillian  04 Dec 1933Columbia, Adair County, KY I47686
18 Logan, Mary Dorcas  05 May 1925Columbia, Adair County, KY I48251
19 Massie, Thomas  22 Nov 1832Columbia, Adair County, KY I319
20 Montgomery, Joel Francis  30 Nov 1946Columbia, Adair County, KY I47737
21 Moran, Georgia Robert  06 Jul 1965Columbia, Adair County, KY I68577
22 Moran, Paul Maurice  04 Apr 1993Columbia, Adair County, KY I68573
23 Moran, Paul Raymond  14 Dec 1966Columbia, Adair County, KY I68571
24 Page, Charles Smith  29 Apr 1859Columbia, Adair County, KY I373
25 Page, Ellen B.  18 Jun 1930Columbia, Adair County, KY I845
26 Page, William Washington  27 May 1877Columbia, Adair County, KY I371
27 Powell, Walker Burton McKinney  31 May 1974Columbia, Adair County, KY I84490
28 Powell, Walker McKinney "Wormy"  24 Sep 2008Columbia, Adair County, KY I84491
29 Rogers, Julia  18 Feb 2015Columbia, Adair County, KY I84498
30 Smith, Mary Margaret  26 Aug 1935Columbia, Adair County, KY I62428
31 Stotts, Irene  02 Jan 2011Columbia, Adair County, KY I68579
32 Thomas, Lyndon Dale  07 Jun 2015Columbia, Adair County, KY I65931


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Holladay / Murrell  25 May 1913Columbia, Adair County, KY F693
2 Holladay / Waggener  14 Mar 1878Columbia, Adair County, KY F694
3 Myers / Page  26 Jan 1905Columbia, Adair County, KY F14502

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