Smith and Bonner Family History

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Chicago, Cook County, IL



Latitude: 41.8781136, Longitude: -87.6297982


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arter, Bailey Harrell Jr.  31 Oct 1913Chicago, Cook County, IL I54747
2 Blessman, Blanche Catherine "Blossom"  25 Nov 1921Chicago, Cook County, IL I74129
3 Bourdon, Louis Joseph Jr.  23 Jan 1917Chicago, Cook County, IL I71415
4 Brown, Barbara  24 Jun 1914Chicago, Cook County, IL I79156
5 Carlin, Marjorie Marie  3 Jul 1920Chicago, Cook County, IL I79200
6 Castle, Lawrence Donald  15 Aug 1915Chicago, Cook County, IL I80217
7 Castles, Laura Mabel  30 Jun 1882Chicago, Cook County, IL I52660
8 Diven, James M.  22 Aug 1879Chicago, Cook County, IL I79893
9 Doncer, Raymond Walter  8 Feb 1914Chicago, Cook County, IL I10648
10 Douglass, Helen M.  24 Feb 1892Chicago, Cook County, IL I52676
11 Duvall, Pearl Harriett  29 May 1921Chicago, Cook County, IL I78198
12 Edwards, Stella Marie  27 May 1921Chicago, Cook County, IL I63483
13 Evans, Kathryne  2 Jun 1898Chicago, Cook County, IL I42524
14 Evans, Morgan Glendower Jr.  20 Jul 1885Chicago, Cook County, IL I42522
15 Flagg, Doris Mildred  13 Jul 1916Chicago, Cook County, IL I53698
16 Flagg, Homer Harold  23 Sep 1912Chicago, Cook County, IL I53696
17 Frum, William Roger  8 Oct 1924Chicago, Cook County, IL I66201
18 Hall, Edgar Lowe  7 Apr 1933Chicago, Cook County, IL I68265
19 Hall, Gerald Gordon  5 Oct 1935Chicago, Cook County, IL I68267
20 Hall, Shirley Ann  12 Oct 1934Chicago, Cook County, IL I68266
21 Hanneman, Lester August Sr.  26 Sep 1904Chicago, Cook County, IL I54742
22 Harrell, Alpheius Griffin  25 Aug 1887Chicago, Cook County, IL I36226
23 Harrell, Edmund William Fuller  13 Nov 1899Chicago, Cook County, IL I25966
24 Harrell, Florette Sue  31 Aug 1896Chicago, Cook County, IL I40330
25 Harrell, George Tyler  12 Jan 1906Chicago, Cook County, IL I75597
26 Harrell, Lillian Hazel  16 Mar 1891Chicago, Cook County, IL I36227
27 Harrell, Ruth  16 Apr 1903Chicago, Cook County, IL I75598
28 Hartsel, Rhoda Kalferna  14 Jun 1914Chicago, Cook County, IL I43534
29 Haviland, Charlotte K.  25 Apr 1914Chicago, Cook County, IL I45795
30 Hayes, Norma Lee Lutes  9 Jan 1930Chicago, Cook County, IL I63900
31 Heintz, Mary Helen  22 Feb 1919Chicago, Cook County, IL I74138
32 Herlihy, Charlotte Kathryn "Lottie"  24 Oct 1921Chicago, Cook County, IL I74134
33 Herlihy, Theodore William  27 Jun 1889Chicago, Cook County, IL I74133
34 Hinze, Arthur  24 May 1907Chicago, Cook County, IL I49335
35 Hobbs, William Greenwood Jr.  7 Feb 1909Chicago, Cook County, IL I74768
36 Hunt, Ernest Oliver  28 Jan 1877Chicago, Cook County, IL I39927
37 Jackson, Virginia Ruth  20 Feb 1927Chicago, Cook County, IL I59100
38 Janda, Violet Gladys  7 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook County, IL I66720
39 Jenks, Pearl  5 Feb 1896Chicago, Cook County, IL I76939
40 Jonas, Robert Frank  18 Sep 1923Chicago, Cook County, IL I57388
41 Kitchen, Merrell Ambrose  24 Jul 1905Chicago, Cook County, IL I70554
42 Krantz, Willard J.  24 Jan 1913Chicago, Cook County, IL I77113
43 Lentz, John Harrell  20 Apr 1932Chicago, Cook County, IL I52673
44 Lizak, Michael Richard  28 Jul 1936Chicago, Cook County, IL I66382
45 Marker, Russell Willis  4 Dec 1915Chicago, Cook County, IL I69157
46 McCall, Lazetta Agnes  14 Sep 1919Chicago, Cook County, IL I74127
47 Mengarelli, Alberto Raymond "Albert" Sr.  26 Mar 1916Chicago, Cook County, IL I48645
48 Mullins, Ruthe Arline  6 Jan 1924Chicago, Cook County, IL I67879
49 Murino, Arthur Anthony  27 Jun 1925Chicago, Cook County, IL I71187
50 Pemberton, Emily  29 Jan 1916Chicago, Cook County, IL I70542

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arter, Adelia\Dealia Angeline  2 Jan 1914Chicago, Cook County, IL I34137
2 Arter, Bailey Harrell Jr.  23 May 1917Chicago, Cook County, IL I54747
3 Arter, Charles Pearson  21 May 1917Chicago, Cook County, IL I54746
4 Atkins, Mamie Luvicie  7 Sep 1924Chicago, Cook County, IL I01238
5 Beck, William Lee  3 Nov 1927Chicago, Cook County, IL I70241
6 Blessman, Christian William  2 Apr 1959Chicago, Cook County, IL I74122
7 Brown, Margaret  3 Mar 1920Chicago, Cook County, IL I42427
8 Bryant, Mary  23 Sep 1949Chicago, Cook County, IL I82527
9 Castles, Hiram Robert  22 Oct 1938Chicago, Cook County, IL I52661
10 Castles, Laura Mabel  14 May 1883Chicago, Cook County, IL I52660
11 Castles, Robert  4 Jan 1918Chicago, Cook County, IL I52659
12 Dickerson, Charles Edmond  31 Dec 1930Chicago, Cook County, IL I80209
13 Evans, Morgan Glendower Jr.  7 May 1896Chicago, Cook County, IL I42522
14 Fagg, Cora May  24 Jan 1934Chicago, Cook County, IL I40981
15 Flood, Charles Henry  17 Jan 1987Chicago, Cook County, IL I54015
16 Flood, Harrell Osborne  25 Jan 1993Chicago, Cook County, IL I54017
17 Flood, Henry Otis  19 May 1939Chicago, Cook County, IL I38322
18 Flood, Ralph W.  8 Dec 1934Chicago, Cook County, IL I54019
19 Gewerth, Mary T.  31 Dec 1995Chicago, Cook County, IL I66476
20 Gordon, Jean Alice  Dec 1978Chicago, Cook County, IL I82122
21 Harrell, Alpheius Griffin  20 Jun 1946Chicago, Cook County, IL I36226
22 Harrell, Charles William  1 Apr 1979Chicago, Cook County, IL I27395
23 Harrell, Herbert Addison  11 Nov 1929Chicago, Cook County, IL I34138
24 Harrell, Ida Leona  27 Feb 1915Chicago, Cook County, IL I34139
25 Harrell, Mary Jenny  13 Feb 1901Chicago, Cook County, IL I42430
26 Harrell, Moses Bussell  9 Apr 1909Chicago, Cook County, IL I34114
27 Harris, Eugene LaRue  28 Oct 1928Chicago, Cook County, IL I71333
28 Herrell, Pauline P.  Chicago, Cook County, IL I51931
29 Hetzler, William Joseph. "Pritchin"  16 Feb 1967Chicago, Cook County, IL I80153
30 Hughes, James R.  29 Jan 1988Chicago, Cook County, IL I66490
31 Hurst, Jordan O.  30 Sep 1936Chicago, Cook County, IL I14402
32 Ingram, Irene D.  Sep 1986Chicago, Cook County, IL I40462
33 Kellen, Douglas T.  9 Oct 1926Chicago, Cook County, IL I67366
34 Kitchen, Donald Curtis  11 Jul 1984Chicago, Cook County, IL I70945
35 Lewis, Hatleck Logan  20 Sep 1898Chicago, Cook County, IL I81249
36 Lowe, Edgar S.  9 Aug 1934Chicago, Cook County, IL I35238
37 Martin, Walter Loughbom  1956Chicago, Cook County, IL I51132
38 Murino, Arthur Anthony  21 Apr 1972Chicago, Cook County, IL I71187
39 Nieters, Loraine Clara  Nov 1981Chicago, Cook County, IL I49253
40 Norman, Nellie Frances  19 Sep 1925Chicago, Cook County, IL I79623
41 Parent, Walter Edward  13 Jun 1990Chicago, Cook County, IL I57023
42 Parker, Augustus Raymond "Ray"  15 Sep 1967Chicago, Cook County, IL I49223
43 Pearson, Cora Lee  3 Apr 1945Chicago, Cook County, IL I54732
44 Powell, Willie Mae  29 Apr 1969Chicago, Cook County, IL I04137
45 Ready, Eunice  1950Chicago, Cook County, IL I14821
46 Riney, Bernard Edmond  31 Oct 1972Chicago, Cook County, IL I66469
47 Smith, John Edwin  31 Mar 2005Chicago, Cook County, IL I73895
48 Tate, Samuel Owen  15 Jan 1917Chicago, Cook County, IL I81101
49 Terrance, Eleanor G.  24 Nov 2006Chicago, Cook County, IL I54023
50 Trigg, Robert M.  19 Jan 1974Chicago, Cook County, IL I79959

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blessman / Pope  7 Apr 1920Chicago, Cook County, IL F27188
2 English / Osborn  28 Oct 1928Chicago, Cook County, IL F16602
3 Getzel / Harrell  2 Jan 1912Chicago, Cook County, IL F12332
4 Hanneman / Arter  1 May 1928Chicago, Cook County, IL F18713
5 Hansen / Norman  5 Jun 1920Chicago, Cook County, IL F29727
6 Harrell / Bailey  31 Mar 1895Chicago, Cook County, IL F08831
7 Harrell / Griffin  24 May 1885Chicago, Cook County, IL F12048
8 Hartsel / Gerlach  Chicago, Cook County, IL F14161
9 Lowe / Harrell  7 Jul 1897Chicago, Cook County, IL F11735
10 Pemberton / Redford  10 Mar 1919Chicago, Cook County, IL F25636
11 Riney / Gewerth  13 Nov 1944Chicago, Cook County, IL F23789
12 Ross / Rogers  8 Apr 1950Chicago, Cook County, IL F2674
13 Smith / Harding  22 Oct 1902Chicago, Cook County, IL F25671
14 Smith / Miller  27 May 1950Chicago, Cook County, IL F31313
15 Stone / Host  21 Jun 1949Chicago, Cook County, IL F05225
16 Twyman / Stift  12 Nov 1906Chicago, Cook County, IL F16017

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