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Butler, Bates County, MO



Latitude: 38.2586347, Longitude: -94.3305059


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Edrington, Leslie Ruel  16 May 1889Butler, Bates County, MO I70104
2 Everett, Robert Luther Harrell  3 May 1908Butler, Bates County, MO I32709
3 Haggard, Nora O'Dean  14 Jun 1930Butler, Bates County, MO I59856
4 Haggard, Ossip Eugene.  24 Apr 1939Butler, Bates County, MO I59858
5 Haggard, Velva Rayhah  12 Aug 1907Butler, Bates County, MO I59847
6 Harrell, Claire Louise  12 Apr 1903Butler, Bates County, MO I32655
7 Harrell, Della Frances  12 Jul 1886Butler, Bates County, MO I32651
8 Harrell, Eleanor Lucinda LuAnn  6 Jul 1880Butler, Bates County, MO I32649
9 Harrell, James Robert  17 Nov 1883Butler, Bates County, MO I32650
10 Harrell, Jeanna "Jennie" Douglas  22 Mar 1890Butler, Bates County, MO I32653
11 Harrell, Lorena Evangeline  19 Apr 1892Butler, Bates County, MO I32654
12 Herrell, Alexander Hamilton  27 Nov 1850Butler, Bates County, MO I32623
13 Herrell, Alfred J.  9 Jan 1896Butler, Bates County, MO I32693
14 Herrell, Alice F.  13 Sep 1866Butler, Bates County, MO I32675
15 Herrell, Amy Jane  23 Dec 1893Butler, Bates County, MO I32925
16 Herrell, Charles Isaac "Jesse"  11 Jun 1875Butler, Bates County, MO I32678
17 Herrell, Elsie Louise  3 Jul 1904Butler, Bates County, MO I32777
18 Herrell, Henry Arthur  30 Aug 1891Butler, Bates County, MO I32696
19 Herrell, Jesse Jackson  24 Dec 1884Butler, Bates County, MO I32681
20 Herrell, John Logan  7 Aug 1863Butler, Bates County, MO I32688
21 Herrell, Leoma Coryl  13 Sep 1891Butler, Bates County, MO I32656
22 Herrell, Mabel  10 Jan 1894Butler, Bates County, MO I51887
23 Herrell, Mary Alma  3 Oct 1897Butler, Bates County, MO I32695
24 Herrell, Nancy Elvira  2 Mar 1862Butler, Bates County, MO I32641
25 Herrell, Permelia Ethel  6 Mar 1889Butler, Bates County, MO I32731
26 Herrell, Robert Lee  27 Jul 1869Butler, Bates County, MO I51852
27 Herrell, Shrildia E.  29 Aug 1855Butler, Bates County, MO I51923
28 Herrell, Virginia W. "Jennie"  3 Apr 1869Butler, Bates County, MO I32676
29 Herrell, William Beaman "Will"  26 Feb 1867Butler, Bates County, MO I32643
30 Keele, Pauline Frances  29 Nov 1914Butler, Bates County, MO I51880
31 Ramsey, Victor Robert "Buster"  12 Apr 1914Butler, Bates County, MO I70114
32 Seleman, Paul Henry  19 Sep 1922Butler, Bates County, MO I51866
33 Seleman, Robert Joseph  14 May 1925Butler, Bates County, MO I51867


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beaman, Lucinda "Lucy"  6 Mar 1910Butler, Bates County, MO I32622
2 Coffey, Mary Ann  21 Sep 1919Butler, Bates County, MO I79461
3 Edrington, Emma Elizabeth "Bettie"  17 May 1945Butler, Bates County, MO I70101
4 Edrington, John Leslie  22 Sep 1979Butler, Bates County, MO I70111
5 Edrington, Louise Sims  17 May 2015Butler, Bates County, MO I70113
6 Edrington, Naomi Elizabeth  19 Mar 2005Butler, Bates County, MO I70112
7 Floyd, Beryl Irene  17 Jul 1999Butler, Bates County, MO I59852
8 Ford, Lula  24 Sep 1980Butler, Bates County, MO I51879
9 Gilbert, Elsie Francis  30 Aug 1957Butler, Bates County, MO I70108
10 Haggard, Velva Rayhah  6 May 1992Butler, Bates County, MO I59847
11 Haggard, Vernon Harrison  24 May 1997Butler, Bates County, MO I59846
12 Harrell, James Robert  4 Sep 1888Butler, Bates County, MO I32650
13 Harrell, Reuben  1848Butler, Bates County, MO I24937
14 Herman, Minnie  21 Oct 1944Butler, Bates County, MO I59862
15 Herrell, Alexander Hamilton  4 Apr 1931Butler, Bates County, MO I32623
16 Herrell, Alfred J.  4 Feb 1896Butler, Bates County, MO I32693
17 Herrell, Allen A. "Willie"  1865Butler, Bates County, MO I32664
18 Herrell, Athal Frank  3 Jan 1913Butler, Bates County, MO I32661
19 Herrell, Elsie Louise  20 Nov 1906Butler, Bates County, MO I32777
20 Herrell, Geneva May  23 Sep 2001Butler, Bates County, MO I32722
21 Herrell, Harry Milton  28 Oct 2000Butler, Bates County, MO I32721
22 Herrell, James Logan Jr.  3 Dec 1932Butler, Bates County, MO I32642
23 Herrell, James Logan Sr.  11 Mar 1895Butler, Bates County, MO I32621
24 Herrell, Josephine "Josie" Warnock  1 Jul 1945Butler, Bates County, MO I32648
25 Herrell, Leoma Coryl  30 Sep 1972Butler, Bates County, MO I32656
26 Herrell, Lucinda Emmarine  8 Oct 1944Butler, Bates County, MO I32640
27 Herrell, Mabel  16 Jan 1894Butler, Bates County, MO I51887
28 Herrell, Mary Alma  14 Jun 1915Butler, Bates County, MO I32695
29 Herrell, Mary Frances  14 Feb 1915Butler, Bates County, MO I32637
30 Herrell, Melissa J.  2 Feb 1863Butler, Bates County, MO I53010
31 Herrell, Monser Q.  18 Feb 1964Butler, Bates County, MO I32716
32 Herrell, Raymond David "Cotton"  10 Feb 1985Butler, Bates County, MO I51895
33 Herrell, Shrildia E.  3 Sep 1880Butler, Bates County, MO I51923
34 Herrell, William  19 Jun 1890Butler, Bates County, MO I32663
35 Herrell, William Beaman "Will"  31 Oct 1951Butler, Bates County, MO I32643
36 Keele, James Nathaniel  20 Aug 1913Butler, Bates County, MO I32646
37 Keele, James Richard  21 Apr 1945Butler, Bates County, MO I51875
38 Machen, Edward Leonard  1 Feb 2001Butler, Bates County, MO I70121
39 McQuitty, Allen Lavon  5 Nov 1992Butler, Bates County, MO I51882
40 Miller, Tebitha Anna  18 Dec 1908Butler, Bates County, MO I32685
41 Moore, James B.  25 Feb 1912Butler, Bates County, MO I53102
42 Moore, William Dent  7 Jan 1926Butler, Bates County, MO I51929
43 Newell, Harry  19 Mar 1954Butler, Bates County, MO I32742
44 Pieratt, Glenn Smith  2 Feb 1949Butler, Bates County, MO I59867
45 Powell, Ray  5 Jan 1975Butler, Bates County, MO I70109
46 Sims, Luella  22 Jul 1964Butler, Bates County, MO I70105
47 Stevens, Mary Emma  5 Oct 1940Butler, Bates County, MO I32647
48 Vowels, George Albert  26 Jun 2014Butler, Bates County, MO I65802
49 Winegardner, Ray  24 Feb 1986Butler, Bates County, MO I70120
50 York, Bernice Ladine Isley  22 Dec 1995Butler, Bates County, MO I51232


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chambers / Millington  24 Mar 1931Butler, Bates County, MO F0091
2 Duke / Alexander  3 Jul 1932Butler, Bates County, MO F20972
3 Everett / Harrell  16 Jul 1907Butler, Bates County, MO F10859
4 Garrett / Herrell  25 Dec 1919Butler, Bates County, MO F27970
5 Haggard / Joseph  3 Aug 1929Butler, Bates County, MO F20989
6 Herrell / Graves  8 Oct 1879Butler, Bates County, MO F10847
7 Herrell / Palmer  19 Jun 1971Butler, Bates County, MO F17570
8 Herrell / Stevens  26 Feb 1890Butler, Bates County, MO F10856
9 Machen / Edrington  1 Jun 1982Butler, Bates County, MO F25474
10 Miller / Haggard  23 Oct 1928Butler, Bates County, MO F20988
11 Quick / Herrell  29 Jul 1939Butler, Bates County, MO F27968
12 Reedy / Herrman  8 Feb 1923Butler, Bates County, MO F21000
13 Seleman / Harrell  5 Jun 1921Butler, Bates County, MO F17552
14 Wells / Herman  8 Dec 1956Butler, Bates County, MO F21008

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