Smith and Bonner Family History

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Bell County, KY



Latitude: 36.7411220, Longitude: -83.6348430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Amanda  1864Bell County, KY I29975
2 Carter, Nellie  Bell County, KY I32775
3 Elliott, Susie  3 Nov 1894Bell County, KY I62038
4 Goodin, Helen D.  1907Bell County, KY I15701
5 Goodin, Leslie  1904Bell County, KY I15700
6 Goodin, Robert P.  1902Bell County, KY I15699
7 Green, Nancy "Nannie"  15 Jan 1863Bell County, KY I70755
8 Hoskins, Edna M.  24 Jan 1916Bell County, KY I65909
9 Hoskins, Willard  22 May 1932Bell County, KY I54549
10 Hurst, Calvin  Apr 1900Bell County, KY I15721
11 Hurst, Campbell  1904Bell County, KY I15722
12 Hurst, Cleo  16 Oct 1926Bell County, KY I17981
13 Hurst, Curtis Bryan  25 Aug 1896Bell County, KY I15720
14 Hurst, Glen E.  16 Sep 1918Bell County, KY I17978
15 Hurst, Hattie C.  Oct 1894Bell County, KY I15719
16 Hurst, John Milton "Mutt" Jr.  9 May 1903Bell County, KY I17877
17 Hurst, Josephine  9 Feb 1922Bell County, KY I15725
18 Hurst, Luther S.  23 Sep 1909Bell County, KY I17974
19 Hurst, Millard E.  1907Bell County, KY I14288
20 Hurst, Nancy Ellen  12 Jan 1879Bell County, KY I29488
21 Hurst, Robert A.  3 Nov 1915Bell County, KY I17977
22 Hurst, Roy  1908Bell County, KY I17973
23 Hurst, William G.  5 Sep 1916Bell County, KY I17875
24 Lewis, David Lee  15 Apr 1933Bell County, KY I82306
25 Lewis, Jack Curtis  18 Feb 1935Bell County, KY I82307
26 Lewis, William Earl  6 Aug 1920Bell County, KY I82298
27 Miracle, Andrew "Andy"  22 Sep 1902Bell County, KY I71515
28 Mullins, Irene  17 Aug 1922Bell County, KY I08457
29 Napier, Daisy N.  24 Apr 1919Bell County, KY I62028
30 Nickens, Helen Beatrice  22 Feb 1920Bell County, KY I67401
31 Pursifull, Charles  1873Bell County, KY I18420
32 Pursifull, Elijah  22 Dec 1863Bell County, KY I18417
33 Pursifull, James Arvey  1868Bell County, KY I18419
34 Pursifull, Margaret  1866Bell County, KY I18418
35 Pursifull, Margaret E.  26 Mar 1886Bell County, KY I15695
36 Redmon, William Floyd  2 Jul 1907Bell County, KY I08623
37 Rice, Roy Edgar  13 Apr 1916Bell County, KY I08604
38 Richardson, Phyllis  6 Jun 1914Bell County, KY I74280
39 Sinkhorn, Annie  Jan 1883Bell County, KY I61975
40 Sinkhorn, Charles Simon  4 Dec 1899Bell County, KY I61984
41 Sinkhorn, Dillard Thomas  3 Apr 1912Bell County, KY I61994
42 Sinkhorn, Donald  23 Aug 1931Bell County, KY I62036
43 Sinkhorn, Emma Elizabeth  8 Oct 1914Bell County, KY I61996
44 Sinkhorn, Franklin Ryall  5 Oct 1893Bell County, KY I61982
45 Sinkhorn, Herbert R.  17 Apr 1931Bell County, KY I62044
46 Sinkhorn, Hugh Thomas  1885Bell County, KY I61979
47 Sinkhorn, Jenny Lee  16 Aug 1935Bell County, KY I62039
48 Sinkhorn, Jessie Cathelene  24 Jul 1937Bell County, KY I62043
49 Sinkhorn, Lucy  15 Jan 1910Bell County, KY I61993
50 Sinkhorn, Mary E.  9 Sep 1929Bell County, KY I62031

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Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Helen Joyce  15 Apr 1990Bell County, KY I08523
2 Ball, Jacqueline  2 Jun 1961Bell County, KY I08525
3 Ball, Phillip Grant  8 Oct 1990Bell County, KY I08515
4 Breeding, Delia G.  10 May 1975Bell County, KY I22599
5 Dance, William E.  29 Nov 1957Bell County, KY I22600
6 England, Sarah  9 Oct 1933Bell County, KY I17870
7 Goodwin, Myrtle  21 Oct 1974Bell County, KY I17873
8 Green, Deborah  7 Jan 1901Bell County, KY I15691
9 Harrell, Drury Peter  22 Oct 1911Bell County, KY I22455
10 Harrell, Henry Clay  21 May 1949Bell County, KY I29949
11 Harrell, James Luther  23 Apr 1942Bell County, KY I22475
12 Harrell, Lewis Marshall  11 Apr 1928Bell County, KY I29944
13 Harrell, Lewis Marshall Jr.  19 Mar 1929Bell County, KY I32776
14 Harrell, Roy  18 Jun 1981Bell County, KY I30063
15 Herrell, Arch Eugene  5 Jun 1971Bell County, KY I08456
16 Herrell, James Preston  5 May 1951Bell County, KY I04058
17 Herrell, Lloyd R.  10 Feb 1944Bell County, KY I04086
18 Holmes, Anna "Annie" S.  2 Feb 1965Bell County, KY I17876
19 Hurst, Calvin  BEF. 1910Bell County, KY I15721
20 Hurst, Charles D.  11 Jun 1929Bell County, KY I17866
21 Hurst, Curtis Bryan  15 Dec 1928Bell County, KY I15720
22 Hurst, Galana Lulene  1908Bell County, KY I19553
23 Hurst, John Milton Sr.  19 Oct 1947Bell County, KY I17865
24 Hurst, Martha Jane  25 Aug 1944Bell County, KY I29938
25 Hurst, Millard E.  6 Jan 1934Bell County, KY I14288
26 Hurst, Nancy Ellen  22 Dec 1962Bell County, KY I29488
27 Hurst, Orpha  25 Jul 1898Bell County, KY I04715
28 Hurst, Tillman  23 Nov 1960Bell County, KY I31396
29 Hurst, William C.  11 Sep 1931Bell County, KY I17867
30 Jones, Edward  5 Nov 1986Bell County, KY I82316
31 Lewis, Fred Herbert  1 Feb 1972Bell County, KY I82299
32 McCreary, Cora Lenore  12 Dec 1982Bell County, KY I07226
33 Napier, Daisy N.  16 Sep 2005Bell County, KY I62028
34 Pursifull, John Mattison  15 Feb 1898Bell County, KY I15690
35 Pursifull, Margaret E.  8 Dec 1972Bell County, KY I15695
36 Pursifull, Mount  15 Feb 1898Bell County, KY I15479
37 Pursifull, Sarah Rebecca  ABT. 1893Bell County, KY I19550
38 Ryall, Mary Elizabeth  4 Apr 1929Bell County, KY I61815
39 Sinkhorn, Dillard Thomas  15 Dec 1945Bell County, KY I61994
40 Sinkhorn, Hugh Thomas  8 Jan 1932Bell County, KY I61979
41 Sinkhorn, Jessie Cathelene  16 Apr 1939Bell County, KY I62043
42 Sinkhorn, Mary Francis  5 Jun 1992Bell County, KY I62040
43 Sinkhorn, Robert Lee  22 Oct 1969Bell County, KY I61992
44 Smith, Delbert  31 Dec 1977Bell County, KY I62041
45 Taylor, Vinia Claretta  4 Mar 1962Bell County, KY I61989
46 Thompson, Mary Elizabeth  1916Bell County, KY I29486
47 Tinsley, John Robert  18 Sep 1942Bell County, KY I15711
48 Tinsley, William Pursifull  5 Jan 1965Bell County, KY I15712
49 Warren, Ollie W.  18 Nov 1985Bell County, KY I82314
50 Welch, Mary Jane  24 Sep 1940Bell County, KY I07178


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Denny / Hurst  1903Bell County, KY F09829
2 Grubbs / Herrell  2 Aug 1946Bell County, KY F02846
3 Lewis / Hunt  6 Nov 1915Bell County, KY F30948
4 Rice / Woodward  26 Apr 1936Bell County, KY F03273
5 Robbins / Hurst  11 May 1899Bell County, KY F09830

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