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Adairville, Logan County, KY



Latitude: 36.6675425, Longitude: -86.8519417


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burchett, Eugene  4 Jun 1928Adairville, Logan County, KY I73357
2 Byrns, Myrtle  23 Dec 1880Adairville, Logan County, KY I72309
3 Cole, Grace C.  27 Nov 1896Adairville, Logan County, KY I74093
4 Cook, Charles Allen  30 Dec 1873Adairville, Logan County, KY I02693
5 Cook, Nancy Weldon  8 Feb 1880Adairville, Logan County, KY I02696
6 Eddy, Amanda America  4 Nov 1859Adairville, Logan County, KY I01878
7 Freeman, Oscar  3 Jul 1872Adairville, Logan County, KY I74087
8 Grayson, Charles Bennett "CB"  4 Feb 1937Adairville, Logan County, KY I73430
9 Grayson, Harry T.  14 Jan 1918Adairville, Logan County, KY I73428
10 Grayson, Helen Victoria  13 Feb 1924Adairville, Logan County, KY I73470
11 Grayson, John Perry  28 Aug 1919Adairville, Logan County, KY I73433
12 Grayson, Margaret Amanda "Mandy"  22 Sep 1834Adairville, Logan County, KY I01877
13 Grayson, Walter Neil  18 Oct 1887Adairville, Logan County, KY I72283
14 Grayson, William Joseph  21 Apr 1821Adairville, Logan County, KY I01872
15 Hardin, Cassie Irene  26 Nov 1913Adairville, Logan County, KY I73145
16 Hardin, Edgar Owen  14 Dec 1921Adairville, Logan County, KY I73148
17 Hardin, Vernon Ray  2 Dec 1919Adairville, Logan County, KY I73147
18 Hardin, Wanda Faye  3 May 1945Adairville, Logan County, KY I73292
19 Hardin, William Thomas "Tom"  8 Mar 1907Adairville, Logan County, KY I73262
20 Lawrence, Everett Gossett  5 Apr 1922Adairville, Logan County, KY I74146
21 McMurtry, George Rhea  11 Nov 1893Adairville, Logan County, KY I72291
22 Moore, Minnie Lear  11 Aug 1867Adairville, Logan County, KY I72281
23 Noe, William  1811Adairville, Logan County, KY I02082
24 Robertson, Alma Lillian  6 Oct 1889Adairville, Logan County, KY I73695
25 Robertson, Bessie Lewis  18 Aug 1883Adairville, Logan County, KY I73690
26 Shepherd, John Jefferson  10 Feb 1870Adairville, Logan County, KY I73508
27 Smith, Imogene Belle  8 Sep 1919Adairville, Logan County, KY I74098
28 Stratton, Emogene  3 Feb 1931Adairville, Logan County, KY I73336
29 Stratton, Floyd Thomas  22 Mar 1926Adairville, Logan County, KY I73333
30 Stricklin, Henry Cole  29 Jul 1919Adairville, Logan County, KY I74094
31 Stricklin, Stillborn  13 Nov 1926Adairville, Logan County, KY I74096
32 Stricklin, William Presly  20 Apr 1922Adairville, Logan County, KY I74095
33 Vick, Lydia Elizabeth  1831Adairville, Logan County, KY I02210
34 Vick, Virgie Euberta "Bertie"  26 Mar 1876Adairville, Logan County, KY I72261
35 Yates, James William  2 Nov 1929Adairville, Logan County, KY I73208
36 Yates, Rebecca Ann  8 Feb 1928Adairville, Logan County, KY I73207
37 Yates, Wallace E.  8 Nov 1933Adairville, Logan County, KY I73206


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beaty, Minnie H.  28 Jan 1968Adairville, Logan County, KY I73426
2 Bennett, Lois  28 Apr 1994Adairville, Logan County, KY I73429
3 Bomar, Bessie Lee  10 Dec 2005Adairville, Logan County, KY I73276
4 Bomar, Charlie Lee  18 Feb 1978Adairville, Logan County, KY I73268
5 Bradshaw, Anna May  17 Sep 1919Adairville, Logan County, KY I73418
6 Britt, Susannah  26 Nov 1881Adairville, Logan County, KY I01013
7 Burchett, Eugene  28 Sep 2004Adairville, Logan County, KY I73357
8 Grayson, Edgar B.  30 Sep 1985Adairville, Logan County, KY I73427
9 Grayson, Elizabeth Janette  31 Jul 1978Adairville, Logan County, KY I73155
10 Grayson, John Jefferson  14 Apr 1862Adairville, Logan County, KY I01230
11 Grayson, John Perry  18 Sep 1919Adairville, Logan County, KY I73433
12 Grayson, John Thomas Jr.  23 Jan 1971Adairville, Logan County, KY I73423
13 Grayson, Ruth Ella  12 Dec 2009Adairville, Logan County, KY I73407
14 Grayson, Thelma Mae  16 Aug 2004Adairville, Logan County, KY I73370
15 Hamilton, Annie Mae  21 May 1980Adairville, Logan County, KY I72288
16 Hardin, Ethel Mae  13 Apr 2014Adairville, Logan County, KY I73146
17 Hardin, Vernon Ray  20 Mar 1990Adairville, Logan County, KY I73147
18 Hardin, Walter D.  28 Apr 1957Adairville, Logan County, KY I73144
19 Hobdy, Milas J.  13 Aug 1937Adairville, Logan County, KY I72586
20 Holman, Marion Franklin "Frank"  2 Oct 1992Adairville, Logan County, KY I73409
21 Jenkins, Nathalia  19 Apr 1897Adairville, Logan County, KY I72585
22 Law, James Andrew  21 Dec 1995Adairville, Logan County, KY I73356
23 Lawrence, Zelma Bowling  23 Sep 1963Adairville, Logan County, KY I74145
24 Noe, William  1857Adairville, Logan County, KY I02082
25 Pope, Francis Carylon  2 Jun 1954Adairville, Logan County, KY I74081
26 Pope, John Wiseman  9 Jan 1919Adairville, Logan County, KY I02216
27 Sharp, James Arthur  21 Dec 1995Adairville, Logan County, KY I73316
28 Shoulders, Irene  22 Jan 2013Adairville, Logan County, KY I73318
29 Sircy, Lena Rivers  26 Dec 1989Adairville, Logan County, KY I73285
30 Stratton, Delmar Harold  9 Oct 1995Adairville, Logan County, KY I73359
31 Stratton, Doye Edith  29 Jan 2014Adairville, Logan County, KY I73346
32 Stratton, Emogene  11 Jun 2007Adairville, Logan County, KY I73336
33 Stricklin, Henry Cole  20 Feb 1973Adairville, Logan County, KY I74094
34 Stricklin, Henry W.  30 Apr 1987Adairville, Logan County, KY I74089
35 Stricklin, John Presley  25 May 1954Adairville, Logan County, KY I74082
36 Stricklin, Stillborn  13 Nov 1926Adairville, Logan County, KY I74096
37 Stricklin, William Presly  18 Mar 1995Adairville, Logan County, KY I74095
38 Yates, Lucy Mae  15 Oct 1998Adairville, Logan County, KY I73309


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Grayson / Vick  28 Aug 1847Adairville, Logan County, KY F00856

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